Introducing the Football Advisor Betting Portfolio

This article was first published on the 25th April, 2018 for Football Advisor Portfolio members.

Football Advisor Betting Portfolios:

We advised you yesterday that our brand new website had just gone live (You can check out the new website here – would love to hear your feedback) and along with it, we have now launched our exclusive betting portfolio solutions

With that in mind, we thought that we spend a little time today looking more closely at what you get access to with the Full Betting Portfolio solution.

Firstly, we have spent a huge amount of time putting everything in place to make it as easy and quick for you to use and set up your own portfolio. Upon signing up we will send you three detailed reports which will give you everything you need to know about the Football Advisor portfolios and step by step instructions on:

  • How to set up a betting portfolio
  • How to specifically set up the Football Advisor portfolio
  • Betting banks and staking recommendations
  • Risk management
  • What bookmakers to use
  • How and where to place your bets
  • How to manage your betting bank – how to split your bank between bookmaker and where to keep the bulk of your funds
  • How to access and move your money

Quite literally everything has been taken care of you and you can be up and running in 10 to 20 minutes.

The full portfolio membership gives you access to a number of benefits

  • All approved services covered by our portfolio
  • All other services that we run that are not covered by the portfolio (due to their unique betting and staking structure)
  • Full access to our new feature, “The Lab”
    • The Lab gives you exclusive access to all the latest systems and strategies which are live testing. Currently in The Lab, you'll find
      • A Lay betting service which is up nearly 50 units
      • A racing service that is up over 80 units since November
      • Another racing service which incredibly landed a 57.43 BSP winner the other day
      • A football ratings model that has hit 25 out of the last 35 doubles bets
      • We've also got place betting, place lay betting, football ratings, and daily doubles for you to access

The Full Portfolio has had a great month so far generating a very healthy 45.4 units return with a 5.9% ROI and 12.1% ROC

(Remember this includes our lay services which naturally bring down ROI, as you are taking on the liability but, equally, helps increase the ROC – our bets only ROI is at 9% with an 8.8% ROC, whereas our lay bets only have a 4.7% ROI, which is still exceptional for lays, and a 11.9% ROC)

  • FA Racing: +23.1 | 21.1% ROI | 15.4% ROC
  • FA Racing Lays (1): +5.7 | 8.3% ROI | 5.2% ROC
  • FA Racing Lays (2): +14.8 | 8.6% | 9.9% ROC
  • FA Prime: -37 | -9.5% ROI | -29.6% ROC
  • FA Match Lays: +10.9 | 5.00% ROI | 12.8% ROC
  • FA Draw Lays: -5.4 | -5.7% ROI | -6.7% ROC
  • Total: +45.4 | 5.9% ROI | 12.1% ROC

To celebrate the launch, this week we are also offering a 60% discount on your first months membership plus a 20% discount every month thereafter

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This article was first published on the 25th April, 2018 for Football Advisor Portfolio members.

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