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This article was first published on the 18th April, 2018 for Football Advisor Portfolio members.

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Introducing “The Lab”

We have had a number of you email in asking for more details about the “The Lab” which we are delighted to answer here.

The Lab is something we are very excited about and we are really looking forward to sharing it with you. In essence, it is a space where we can share with you the latest betting strategies, systems and methodologies that we have been cooking up over the last 12 months (and sometimes longer).

One of the aspects of being successful, long-term, with any form of betting is being flexible, adaptable and consistently striving to identify new opportunities to keep one-step ahead of the bookies. Identifying these opportunities can come about in any number of ways

  • Analyse and revising existing data and trends
  • Tweaking existing methodologies to ensure value is still present
  • Testing and monitoring new theories and ideas
  • Speaking to fellow punters and learning what they are doing and how you might adapt it to suit you
  • Accessing new tools, data and software – either through self creation or through respected third-parties
  • And so on..

Here at Football Advisor, this is something we do constantly and we have a whole file of ideas to explore at a later date (We call it the icebox). I admit, testing ideas, getting down and dirty into data and spending hours in excel is not everyones cup of tea but, call me what you like, it is actually something I really enjoy even to this day.

Perhaps its simply the joy after going down many (many!) blind alley's, the reward of finding and validating a new way to make money and profit from betting that I am addicted too, maybe even more than the money itself.

Anyway, so that's a little bit of the back story to set the scene – so what the hell is “The Lab”

“The Lab” is effectively the next step in the journey described above. In simple terms, there are four phases that we go through to determine whether a model has merit and is worthy and ready with sharing with our followers.

Phase 1

All we have here is an idea scribbled on a paper or a ton of data to play with. As we go through Phase 1 we, hopefully, begin to identify a model that has potential and the back data starts to supports it.

Phase 2

In phase 2 I'm looking to personally validate my idea or disprove it. I'm watching the markets / events live, making tweaks and recording a lot of secondary data, which might help refine an model later on, as well as recording the live results.

Call this the initial proofing stage, and you would be surprised by just how many really positive looking ideas fall over eventually at this stage, we use this stage to ensure we are minimising any potential ‘survivorship bias' influencing our models from Phase 1.

Phase 3 (hint – this is where The Lab comes in)

By this point, I'm already at least 80% positive that we are on to something and the live data has maintained (or improved on) the expected trends. Now it's about continuing that validation and building up more of the ‘live' data to be statistically sufficient and verifiable.

This is the point I'd normally either, begin proofing to a third-party such as the Secret Betting Club and / or share the service in a ‘live beta' mode, like we did with the popular FA Racing service.

Phase 4

Boom! we made it! The strategy has continued to perform, we have solid proof, validation and data. We have worked with people like you and they have also given us the thumbs from their own betting. We can then decide whether we want to open it up to new members or keep it as a private service for those involved in the beta.

Now with the invention of “The Lab” and the developments of the portfolio's, we have removed Phase 3 and 4 this process.

Phase 3 now becomes “The Lab” and instead of us opening this up as a paid ‘beta', we share it for free to everyone following the full portfolio. Remember, these are not embryonic ideas rather strategies that have gone through Phases 1 and 2, we already have an 80%+ confidence rating and they will have, in most cases, months of verified data already.

So you are already getting instant, early, access and it's all covered by your exiting membership.

And it gets even better. Those that make it through “The Lab” will be included in the next update we make to the portfolio. And, yes, you got it, it's all free and included in the membership already. Not bad hey.

So what is in “The Lab” right now for you to access right away?

Firstly, if you want to check out the current live results, you can do so here: FA_The_Lab_Live_Testing_Results.xlsx

Currently in “The Lab” we have:

  • A horse racing lay model based on head to head form
    • 17.37 units profit in April
    • 52.04 units profit since Nov-17
    • Only four bets have failed from 35 this month
  • A horse racing win model based on head to head form
    • Incredibly up 54.68 units in April to Betfair SP
    • Winners have included Foolaad (29.68), Naranja (17.97), Honor Oak (28.00) and more
    • 99.12 units profit since Nov-17
  • A rating model based around the Van Der Whiel model
    • 3.52 units profit in April
    • But down 3.99 units since Feb-18
  • A model focusing on ‘under appreciated; long odds selections with strong form lines
    • We're looking at runners priced 4/1 and upwards

      • Up 5.20 units in April to early prices
      • But up 27.58 units at Betfair SP
      • This one has significant potential we believe and we have identified a potential refinement to increase the returns even more
  • Daily Doubles – Racing
    • Two models producing to daily doubles to follow
    • Landed 16 each way doubles in the last month with five of those being win/win results
    • Definitely showing potential for consistent returns
  • Daily Doubles – Football
    • We have adapted a ratings model provided to us by Predictology with some great early results
    • So far, we have landed 25 out of 35 doubles for a 20 unit profit over the last couple of months
    • We're also seeing some real potential for trebles and four folds on the same selections
    • (Also profitable to single stakes backs as well)

So over the last month alone, “The Lab” strategies have generated more than a 120 units profit on it's own, to 1 unit level stakes. (I actually had to go back and check that again as even I was surprised by that figure ).

And your access to this is all included in your monthly membership to the Full Betting Portfolio (which is touching 50 units profit this month alone).

So, how do you get involved?

Easy – simply follow this link and registere for the full betting portfolio (which is by far and away the best value package)

We truly believe that the new betting portfolio solutions offer the single easiest way to establish a profitable approach to betting. If you decide to give it a try today, we are sure that you will soon agree.

Hope to see you soon in the members area,

To celebrate the launch, this week we are also offering a 60% discount on your first months membership plus a 20% discount every month thereafter

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This article was first published on the 18th April, 2018 for Football Advisor Portfolio members.

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