Take £1,000,000 from the bookies this year

This article was first published on the 25th April, 2018 for Football Advisor Portfolio members.

Football Advisor Betting Portfolios:

Take £1,000,000 from the bookies this year?

That get your attention? Good, read on to learn more…

We have been talking all week about our new manifesto and plans for Football Advisor and it was those ideas and dreams that led us to this point, with the launch of our suite of customised and profitable betting portfolio's

  • Full portfolio covering all services and extras
  • Bets Only Portfolio
  • Lays Only Portfolio
  • Football Only Portfolio
  • Racing Only Portfolio

If you missed our earlier emails, you can them here: (1. Football Advisor Portfolios 2. Portfolio deep-dive 3. The Lab)

If you haven't read our manifesto yet, you can do so here:

Now, with any manifesto, you also need a mission statement. A short, succinct statement which delivers a clear and easy to understand message which encapsulates your entire missing statement.

So without further ado, here is ours

We want to help our members take a share of £1,000,000+ from the bookies each year

Ask yourself, “how would feel to know that you helped take more than £1,000,000 from the bookies each year?”

Pretty good right!

So let me tell you how you can be a part of this and make some decent money for yourself as well.

The bottom line is that your objectives are the same as our objectives, which is to enjoy our betting and help you achieve a status of profitability that ensures you profit from your betting year in year out.

Am i right so far?

We are now taking this one step further by stating that our aim is to assist, through our betting portfolios and personal one-to-one support, between 100 (one hundred) and 150 members to achieve a minimum £560-840+ profit each month from their betting.

That roughly equates to an estimated minimum annual return £6,720-10,080 per year from your betting,

That is normal people, like you and me , following a clearly designed plan with all the steps and all the angles covered to ensure that it is almost impossible to fail.

Being realistic, not every member will make £10,800+ profit in their first year, or even £6,720 . It will depend on a number of factors including:

  • Personal financial situation
  • Starting betting bank
  • Whether they take the full portfolio or one of the combo options
  • Risk profile
  • Betting style and tastes

And most importantly whether instructions and advice are followed correctly.

It is also entirely likely that some will make more than £12,000 profit, some will make less but, overall our aim is to be able to get as close as possible to our initial minimum target, on average, and closer each year after that.

Let's look at the maths for a second.

  • Our portfolio averages 16.9 units profit per month (and that figure is increasing – +nearly 50 units in April)
  • In addition we have “The Lab” which gives several other sources of profit being built into the portfolio over time
  • Realistically, we will be aiming at 20-30 units returns each month, on average

So what does that look like?

  • 100 members betting £20 stake, with an average 30 unit monthly return would generate £720,000 profit from the bookies
  • 100 members betting a reasonable £35 stake, with an average 24 unit monthly return would generate £1,008,000 from the bookies
  • 150 members betting a reasonable £35 stake, with an average 16 unit monthly return would generate £1,008,000 from the bookies

I truly believe we can use the strength of our portfolio to make a significant difference to a number of peoples lives, while taking an impressive chunk out of the bookies profits each year. If we could work with a moderately sized group of 100-150 people, closely over the next 12 months and beyond, we would be incredibly proud if we then came close to achieving this aim over the next 12-24 months.

So, what'd'ya say will you help us take £1m+ from the bookies ?

This article was first published on the 25th April, 2018 for Football Advisor Portfolio members.

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