Betting Portfolio’s: May Mid Month Update

This article was first published on the 17th May, 2018 for Football Advisor Portfolio members.

Football Advisor Betting Portfolios:

May Mid-Month Performance Review

As mentioned yesterday, we wanted to share a quick update on our betting portfolios during May.

FULL PORTFOLIO – May Mid-Month Performance

After April's performance, which was off the charts with 59.7 units profit with an 5.3% ROI and a 15.9% ROC, May was always going to be up against it to live up to those expectations, but we are pleased to say we are sitting in profit so far – despite a difficult month on the Football side of things.

At the time of pulling the report, we still have around half the month to go and we are confident of increasing the returns before the end of the month. The lower profit return than normal has primarily been down to a poor performance in May across our football services, which is not entirely to be unexpected with the end of the season being notoriously tricky with differing motivation levels of the teams playing.

That said, this is yet another good example of the benefit of taking a portfolio approach to your betting, rather than all your eggs in one basket / service, when one or two areas of your services are underperforming, a profit is still achievable through the performance of your other services and strategies is still very much achievable. When they combine together on a hot streak you can see and achieve months like April with our near 60 units return.

So, overall, despite the under performance in some areas, we are happy with where are tracking in May to date and we're looking for a strong end to the month before we head into the summer racing and World Cup.

Meanwhile over in The Lab (available for free to all Full portfolio members), we are continuing to see many positives across the test models.

  • Our third lay model is down a little for May, after three months of continuous profit, but that seems to be the trend this month across all the racing lays
  • Our head to head strategy has picked up where it left off in April with 27.35 units profit to BSP
  • While our VDW rated model has delivered an incredible 78.80 units profit to BSP after a 13 point loss in April
  • Our daily doubles on the racing are showing a 7.52 units profit for May

All in all, extremely positive about the outlook for many of these test models.

If you haven't taken up one of our portfolio options yet, you can try out or full portfolio for 30 days for just 2.45 here (remember this also gives you free access to The Lab)

This article was first published on the 17th May, 2018 for Football Advisor Portfolio members.

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