Betting Portfolio’s: May Performance Review (Wow!)

This article was first published on the 3rd June, 2018 for Football Advisor Portfolio members.

Football Advisor Betting Portfolios:

May Performance Review

We've been full steam ahead with our preparations for the World Cup so our monthly review on our Betting Portfolios is a little later than normal. That said, we are delighted to share with you yet another successful and profitable month.

FULL PORTFOLIO – May Performance

Following on from April's tremendous performance (+59.7 units | 5.23% | 15.9% ROC), May delivered yet more profits for Full Portfolio members.

  • 16.3 units profit was generated across the six service contained within the portfolio
  • 4.4% increase in the ROC and a 2.1% ROI
  • 190.8 units generated in total from the portfolio since August 2017
  • 50.9% Return on Capital in that time

Remember, our full portfolio comes with a 365 Money Back guarantee. If you would like to start a 30 day trial of the Full portfolio, you can do so here

Full results across the portfolios and services are available here for review


A key component of our betting portfolios is our FA Racing service which has just reached 12 months live activity, following it's public launch in June last year.

  • 17.22 units profit in May
  • 9% ROI and 11.5% Return on Capital
  • Betfair SP Friendly
  • Profitable in 3 of the last four months
  • 190.1 units profit in the last 12 months with 126.8% Return on Capital
  • 9.5% average ROI over the last 12 months
  • Well up in June already and the above does not include the further three winners we had yesterday

All of our performance data is based on the available Bet365 price at issue. This means that prices can be regularly beat by shopping around – it is also a Betfair SP friendly service for those with bookmaker restrictions.

Four ways to enjoy FA Racing

Meanwhile over in The Lab (available for free to all Full portfolio members), we are continuing to see many positives across the test models including an incredible 125/1 winner (Betfair SP) on Monday.

  • Our third lay model ended a little down after three months of continuous profit, but has started June with 7 in a row
  • Our head to head strategy delivered yet another profitable month (+14.71) plus landed a 125/1 BSP winner on Monday
  • While our VDW rated model has delivered an incredible 73.98 units level stakes profit to BSP in May

All in all, extremely positive about the outlook for many of these test models. Remember, access to these selections is free for all FULL Portfolio members,

If you haven't taken up one of our portfolio options yet, now is a great time to do as we have extended our 30 Day Trial promotion, which you can access right here

This article was first published on the 3rd June, 2018 for Football Advisor Portfolio members.

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