Syndicate Betting: What Is It and How To Get Involved

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Syndicate Betting – Bet Small, Win Big

We have all the details on Syndicate Betting via the Colossus Bets platform and how you can join us as we attempt to bet small and win big,

I've detailed below more information on our plans with this, our approach and how you can get involved if you wish.

Syndicate Betting and Colossus Bets – what is it?

The premise behind these syndicates is as a bit like the horse racing Placepot – bet small, win big. In a Placepot you would select which horse you expect to finish finish in the place positions for six selected races (you can choose more than one horse per race to increase your chances). If you have a horse that finishes in the places for each of the races then you win a share of the jackpot.

So, in simple terms, the aim of a Colossus Bets syndicate is to win a share of a huge jackpot, with total jackpots ranging for the thousands to the millions.

In the Colossus syndicates you the select the outcomes of the games chosen by Colossus for the different syndicate options. These vary in market type from

  • 1X2 – match outcome
  • Correct Score
  • Over / Under 2.5 Goals
  • Both Teams To Score – yes / no
  • Asian Handicaps

Just like in a Placepot, you can select multiple outcomes per match, which in turns increase the more lines that need to be covered by the ticket E.g. the more expensive it becomes, while increasing your chances of winning. That is where the Syndicate comes in – it allows a number of people to all buy in on the same ticket with everyone sharing any winnings proportional to the amount the invested.

Syndicates – How they work

A line in one Colossus Bet pools is £2.00. However, you can actually invest proportionallyfrom as little as 20p – your 20p investment would qualify you for 10% of the ticket value.

For example, if the pool was £10,000 and yours was the only winning ticket, then you would win 10% of that e.g. £1,000

However, if there were 10 winners then each would receive £1,000 or in your case £100 (10%).

As mentioned above, bigger jackpots, it can pay to hedge your bets and take more than one position in some or all of the games. Like so:

In this example, we would be covering 1,280 lines in the 1 million correct score jackpot pool. The total cost for this ticket would be £2,560 for which we, as captains and the Syndicate lead, would need to invest £256.

The remainder of the ticket would then be open to anyone, such as yourself, to join the Sydnicate with a minimum investment of 20p.

Say, we had a 100 people in the Syndicate, who all put in £23.04 (+ our £256) would cover the total pool. Each Syndicate holder would have just under a 1 percent share of any winnings. If we then went on to be the only winners of the pool, each ticket holder would have 1% of £1 million (£10,000) – not bad for a 20 quid investment.

Other things to note

1. Remember the total jackpot is shared by the number of tickets.

2. As ‘Captains' we will be responsible for making the selections and deciding on whether to accept any cash-out offers. Where possible and time allows, we will canvas Syndicate members via Twitter, WhatsApp and Email to get a feel on whether to cash-out or not, but ultimately the responsibility lies with us

3. As mentioned, Colossus do make cash-out offers. Usually at half time and full time for each game during the Syndicate. This can influenced by the pool size and the number of tickets remaining.

4. There are bonus jackpots and pools related to some tickets where by, for example, you have to select the outcome of one game the following

5. The Colossus blog is a very useful resource if you want to learn more about the pools in general

6. If any Syndicates remain unfilled at the kick of the first event it will be voided and all funds returned

6. One theory we have, which we believe we have seen in action on a number of winning tickets, is depending on the nature of the first one or two games in the ticket is to cover a higher number of bases. The thinking here is that if an ‘upset' occurs, it will remove a significant number of tickets out of the running at the first or second hurdle. (E.g. Crystal Palace beating Chelsea away) – if it knocks enough tickets out, then not only does your chance of winning increase, it should also lead to a more sizeable cash-out offer

Football Advisor Syndicates

To enter any of our Syndicates head over to or and type “F0otball Advisor” in the Search box. (note there is a zero (0) in our name F(zero)otballadvisor) If nothing comes up then my Syndicates have all been fully funded.

Right now, we have gone ahead and setup three syndicates with more to follow

Communication and Syndicate Discussions

We will look to advise you all of when we have new syndicates to follow plus updates on live tickets, such as cash-out offers, via the following channels. Where possible

  • Email (such as this one)
  • Twitter: You can follow us here @F0otballAdvisor (this will be more useful for cash-out discussions rather email)
  • Whatsapp: Like twitter, more instant communication when needed – we've set up a group which you can request to join here

This article was first published to football advisor members

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