How Baby-Brain Can Help Your Betting

This article was first published on the 13th June, 2018 for Football Advisor members.

How Baby-Brain Can Help You Betting:

…and how to fool the bookies into giving you monster payouts

Over the last week or so we have shared with you a unique and exciting strategy which was personally recommended to me a while ago by one of the most trusted names in the business, Pete Ling and the Secret Betting Club. I've seen many things over the years, but this one really blew all my expectations out of the water.

I've followed it personally since that time, and it has continued to live up to (and exceed) all of those expectations. I only wish I had been lucky enough to be involved as early as 2013 when they started doing this approach originally!

But today we have a confession – we didn't give you the correct figures…

….It actually made an extra £590 profit that we did not include!

Now, for the eagle-eyed among you we actually made a mistake when sharing with you one of the latest big winners (and there is a good reason for this, which I'll come on to in a moment).

We actually completely missed one of the trebles off the winnings list when we were tallying up the results. The missing Treble was Certain Lad (3/1), La Sioux (11/4) and Presidential (3/1).
That extra treble generated £590 profit from a single £10 bet.
Therefore, in total, the actual profits on the 21st May should read £3896 from £150 staked. £590 more than I originally stated!
Not bad for one day's betting!
At the simple £10 stakes, this was a phenomenal profit of £3896 from just £150 staked.
Proof, if it were needed as the potency of this approach – Fake Mug Bet Club members made a small fortune on the 21st May!

How exactly did we mess up the profit tally?

In Pete's defence (and I think completely fairly), he was checking and calculating the numbers in a haze of sleep deprivation as his daughter was born just a couple of days prior. All of us who are parents here will know that those first few weeks most certainly go by in a bit of a blur…

So a big thank you to all of you who helped point out our mistake and even bigger congratulations to Pete on the birth of his daughter!

With our update and confession out of the way (hey it could have been worse, we actually undersold this to you), feel free to click here and try out the Fake Mug Bets Club for the next 30 days completely Risk-Free

P.S. Make no mistake…

The bookies fall over themselves to readily accept these “Fake £10 Mug Bets” because they totally fly under their bet monitoring radars and make you appear to look like a mug.
So if you want to fill-your-boots…
Bet freely with the bookies…
And avoid all-too-common and annoying stake restrictions…
You should immediately click on the link below…

This article was first published on the 13th June, 2018 for Football Advisor members.

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