Emotional​ Betting – Taking Out The Trash

“Take out the papers and the trash,
Or you don't get no spendin' cash.
If you don't scrub that kitchen floor,
You ain't gonna rock and roll no more,
Yakety yak (Don't talk back)”

The Coasters are an American rhythm and blues/rock and roll vocal group who had a string of hits in the late 1950s. They coined the above lyrics, of which became even more popular in the 1988 film, Twins.

Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, the film was an immediate hit, as the unlikely duo hit the big screen and became household names.

So, what has this got to do with betting, I hear you ask?

Twins, the film came out in 1988 and I was taken to the cinema by my loving Grandad. He was an old school professional gambler and as a result, had the time to spend with his grandchildren.

He took me to the cinema and we watched intently as Arnold got on a plane to find his long lost twin brother. An absolute classic!

Arnold, sitting on the plane, singing to The Coasters – “Take out the papers and the trash” will forever sit on my mind.


Because, my Grandad, told me that, to get a normal job and “conform” to everyday standards, I would have to take out the trash, struggle with everyday spending cash, scrub the kitchen floor and be ordinary.

Now, that's actually BAD advice! I ignored it as I grew up and educated myself, got a proper job and took out the trash and recycled the papers, so to speak!

However, after 8 years of a “normal job,” I started to take heed of what my Grandfather had told me.

Was this it?

“No,” I thought, “I need to start monetising my passion.”

Having watched my Grandfather make a living from betting on the horses, I decided that was what I was going to do.

In fact, if you could bet on it, I was going to find a way to turn my bets into a profit.

I started to burn the midnight oil and find any system, strategy or method that looked to make a profit. I spent hundreds of pounds on systems, services and databases.

I failed month in, month out. I was betting real money and trusting in these so-called systems, which just weren't cutting it. I became more and more frustrated and started to chase my losses. I was even using the “magical” martingale method on roulette! That's a big no no!

Then, out of the blue, my mother sent me a package which was full of my Grandad's betting journals. The methodology, accuracy and systematic approach to how he wagered, really hit home with me. Also, in the back of every book was a quote –

“Never forget to stand tall, but when it goes dark and you feel like buckling, remove your emotion, lean up and switch the light back on”

So, that's what I did.

I refreshed my mindset, stood up tall, scrapped all the systems I had bought and went back to the drawing board. Took me a while but eventually, I managed to switch the light back on.

Next week, I'll be looking at all of the examples of how emotion ruined my betting. How I got over it and started to turn my betting into the business it is today.

I'm off to take out the trash because I still have to do that, but at least my spending cash comes from the bookies 😉

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