Why Choose Mustardbet? Here’s Why…

In Brief: Please provide a brief introduction on who you are and what makes you stand out in the market

MustardBet is a bookmaker built by gamblers for gamblers. Our sportsbook product has several key differences to other sportsbooks currently in the market and we pride ourselves on that.  Our proposition is to offer our own highly competitive prices and a betting experience that’s built around speed of bet placement, tighter margins, big max bets and an innovative UI.

What are the advantages of betting through MustardBet compared to other exchanges or traditional bookmakers?

As we have developed our proprietary platform in-house, rather than opt for a whitelabel product, this has allowed us to offer a greater granularity of pricing and smaller margins.  Our unique betslip enables faster betting and allows customers to instantly rebet the max stake available.  We’ve taken the decision to concentrate on providing great value from the core markets we know that that bettors prefer rather than force customers to wade through numerous markets they will never play.

What are the main markets and sports that you offer and see the most trade on?

We have managed to extend our sports offering considerably over the past 12 months, and we expect more to come in 2019. Our most extensive markets are Football, Tennis, Cricket, Darts and Golf.  Basketball, American Football, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Ice Hockey and Formula 1 are also readily available.

Are there any new markets, partners or innovations introduced over the last year that our readers should be aware of?

During the 2018 World Cup we rolled-out our take on in-play betting. The speed is impressive, with bet placements being measured at under half a second and no bet-delay for the vast majority of every game. This is achieved through an innovative feature called “DangerBall”. If there is a possibility of a goal or game changing event, the match will enter a pending state called Dangerball. If no significant event occurs, bets requested will be placed and confirmed. If something significant happens, bets placed will be voided.

Do you provide any offers or incentives for those looking to open an account?

Our approach from the start was to let our prices do the talking, and build our customer base organically so we don’t generally offer any new sportsbook customer incentives, which has proven successful to date. We may consider such offerings in due course as we look to expand further.

What type of customer / punter is MustardBet aimed at?

Of course we’ll welcome all customers who want to have a bet. However, higher turnover bettors will appreciate the unique features our platform offers. In particular, the lower margins, instant re-betting of max amounts and speed of bet placement, together with the fact that, if they win, their accounts won’t be stake factored or closed as a result. Our opinion is that if you’re better than us, well played, we’ll see you again next time.

Are there any min / max staking limits that punters need to be aware of?

We do set a max bet staking limit on our markets. However we don’t see this as a max bet limit per se. Customers can use our max bet facility repeatedly without being restricted. We have made the max bet amount visible on the MustardBet site, so our customers know how much they can stake there and then. The same stake is available to all customers.

Any commissions or fees that punters need to be aware of?

We have no hidden commission or fees that our customers need to be aware of. 

Have any customers had any accounts restricted or closed with you? If so, what are the common reasons for this?

As mentioned above, we don’t seek to restrict or close winning accounts. We do things a little differently from the majority of bookmakers. Our bespoke market maker and pricing systems mean that we can accept (and continue to accept) customers regardless of their historical trading.

Any particular jurisdictions that you target or do not accept customers from?

Our main target right now is the UK. However, we can also accept customers from some non-UK countries, as we are also licenced by the Isle of Man Gambling Commission.

How can customers deposit / withdraw funds? How long does it take? And are there any fees / restrictions on this?

Deposits can currently be made via Visa, Mastercard and Maestro debit cards and are not subject to any fees. We do also have direct bank transfers available on request.

Who are you regulated by and what assurances can you provide customers that money deposited with you is safe and secure?

MustardBet holds two gambling licences, one with the Gambling Commission in the UK, and one with the GSC on the Isle of Man.  It is a fundamental condition of these licences that customer funds are maintained securely within a separate client funds account that can in no way be used for the day to day operating of the business.

What customer support do you offer? Do you offer live chat or whatsapp / Skype messaging for customers?

Our customer support team are available through live chat on the website, email and by phone. We want to provide the best possible customer experience.

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