Emotional Betting Part III – Slipping It In

Take a deep breath and slip it in! 

I know what you're all thinking!? Dirty buggers 😀

More on that innuendo, shortly.

Last week, I talked about the many examples of how we react and view our betting. There's the negative and then there's the positive.

Both of which are an assault on our egos.

Whether it's uplifting or downright infuriating, emotion plays a big part in our betting.

But, how do we rid ourselves of these emotions and why even bother?

Surely, removing the emotion from our bets will take the fun out of it?

Let's look at an example from everyday life, where we are conditioned to show emotion when winning or losing a bet.

I will often say to my 3-year-old daughter, “I bet you can't beat me upstairs?” 

To which she will reply, “I bet I can!”

Now, I'm not encouraging her to gamble (you've got to be 18 to do that!) but I'm merely encouraging some competitive behaviour and reinforcing her opinion to be right.

I, of course, then let her win. (in reality, I have too, or she would never go to bloody bed!)

What do we all do as parents, when this victory takes place?

We go, “ahh, you beat me” in an attempt to show disappointment and frustration. My daughter responds with a “Yey, I beat you, Daddy!” and jumps around with joy.

Rather innocently, I'm teaching her to show emotion, having asserted her confidence about the outcome of a race!

I'm sure you can think of many other examples? Let me know in the comments.

So, slipping it in and what of it?

Last week, I mentioned that there was as an exercise that you could do, that would help to remove your emotions from betting.

The next time you place a bet, you need to do one of two things, first.


Slipping it in means that we place our bet and then walk away. Go and do something else and wait for the result to be over and done with. You can check the results but that's it.

The second thing is, don't analyse, or see what went right or wrong, until the following day.

Take a deep breath and slip that bet in, walk away and forget about it!

So, what does this achieve? 

It removes the expectation, desire and longing for our ego's to be nurtured.

It took me a long time to master this skill but I can assure you it's paid dividends in how I, not only approach my betting but my long-term profits.

Next week, I will explain why this approach works so well. Don't worry, I still have fun with my betting and I'm currently cheering on the Irish, beating the French in the Six Nations. I've had a few quid on and my ego is being slowly brushed as I've got the score, pretty much bang on 😉

I was pretty sure I'd won this bet after just three minutes 😉

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