The Best Trading Resources Out There!

I’ve always been pretty happy and comfortable with Flashscores and Bet365, both reporting pretty similar numbers and are easy to use.

However, after my discovery above, I decided to reach out to my network and get their views on Betfair In-play stats and who they recommended.

Regretfully I probably shouldn’t post the comments I got back about Betfair, save to say that there was not one favourable comment.

Many of the responses were similar to what I was using in terms of Flashscores and Bet365 – but two switched on chaps, suggested SofaScores.

I was expecting it to be similar to Flashscores but thought I’d check it out all the same…and wow…

The short answer: SofaScores has already become my number 1 go-to resource for scores and in-play stats, replacing Flashscores which I have used for years.

The in-play stats are comparable to Flashscores / 365, although feel like they refresh slightly quicker on SofaScores…

However, what has made me take the switch is the complete user environment that is made available on SofaScores.

  1. Most impressive is their Attack Momentum graphic which makes it really easy to see who is attacking and how strong those attacks are

  1. The in-play stats look great and, most importantly, are accurate
  1. Their winning odds feature is really useful for cross checking your value bet estimates

  1. Their pre-match stats are a quick and easy way of building up a picture of how they game ‘should’ go before kick off. Which you can then judge in-play with their stats to make a decision on trade opportunities.

I'll be back next week with a look at why losing some trades is a GOOD thing!

Until next time,

All the best,

Jon and the Football Advisor team

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