A Simple, Yet Profitable, Tennis Trading Strategy

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Pro Trading Tips – Easy Tennis Trading Profits

Tennis is a great sport for traders, there are frequent trading opportunities every day and the markets are very liquid.

The price swings are frequent and large meaning that if you know when to enter a trade, the potential upside can be very high.

With the French Open well underway at the moment, we wanted to share with you an easy trading strategy to consider.

Break Points = Profits

Break points are like goals in football, only way more frequent. So when we see a break point, that is when we will see the biggest movement in odds, and in turn the greatest profiting opportunity.

If you can identify a moment in a match when a break point is likely to occur and get in just before, then we stand to make some very decent profits.


How do we predict break points?

Unfortunately there is no exact science to when a break point will be scored – if there was, we'd all be sat on the beach already.

But there are things that we can look for to increase our chances of trading at the right times, and we are going to share with you one such approach.


Focus on the favourite

To ease you into tennis trading we're going to suggest that you focus on laying the favourite under certain conditions, in-play.

We advise a lay to back approach on odds-on favourites as it's the best way to get used to tennis trading while keeping the liability of your trades low – e.g. low risk, meaning a low amount of your money is at risk with each trade.


How are they serving?

This strategy is best used during the first set.

We want to let the match start and see at least one or two serivce games being played by the favourite.

Are they winning their service games comfortably? E.g. winning to love, or dropping just the one point each time.

If so, this suggests the favourite is performing to expectations so far and we can move on to another match.

However, if they are looking like their service game is off and the opponent is making them work hard on their service games (e.g. dropping two-three points each service game, a number deuces or even an break-point to their opponent) – then we may have found a candidate for our lay to back strategy.

The last thing we want to check is that the opponent (non-fav) is playing well on their serve and quickly putting the game back to the opponent.

If all this checks out, we will look to lay the favourite at the start of their next service game. (Note, we don't want to lay the favourite at the start of the opponents next service, that just creates necessary risk in case of a break the other way).

Once we have placed the lay, we simply sit back and watch the next few games, hoping for the opponent to break the favourites serve.

From here, three scenarios will present themselves

Opponent breaks favourite – our ideal outcome, use the cash-out option to lock in an equal profit

Favourite breaks opponent – worst outcome, immediately trade out for as low a loss as possible

No breaks, game goes to tiebreak – if the match reaches 6-6, trade out for scratch or small profit / loss. We don't want to take the ‘lottery' of a tie-break.


And that's it, if you pick the right matches you stand a good chance of making regular tennis trading profits, with low risk trades, and it is a great introduction to trading tennis and learning more about the markets.


Tennis Trading Example

The below example is taken from the first round match between Munar (7/25 fav) and Caruso (11/4)

(In the image below, bottom line is Caruso, top line is Munar)

Munar served well in his first game, as did Caruso. In the second game, however, Caruso pressed and secured 15-30 and deuce.

Caruso served to love in his second game (one point dropped in two games).

In Munar's third service game, he agains struggled, dropping two points.

Based on our approach, if Caruso serves well in his next game, we'll be ready to lay Munar. Caruso duly obliged, serving again to love.

We had to wait until the final game, but Caruso duly broke and took the first set 7-5 and went on to win the match.


We hope you enjoy and prosper with this easy to implement tennis trading strategy. If you'd like more free and advanced trading strategies, simply let us know in the comments box below.


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All the best,

Jon and the Football Advisor team


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