£9,000+ Profit In Six Months

Coming Soon: Dutch Profits


Dutch Profits – Overview

For the last six months we have been, real money, live testing a new model focused on Dutching two well priced, value selections in races under certain conditions.

We are using a hybrid ratings model to identifying our selections which utilises Van Der Wheil ratings, and several internal rating metrics to come up with our initial ranking criteria.

Once we are happy with our selections, the final test is to ensure we are getting the right risk / reward ratio in our selections and we set a minimum back price of each selection just under 2/1 (3.00) in the Exchange markets. This ensures, at minimum return is 50% of our stake, but with an every selection price of 7/1 our returns are often much, much higher.

Even with those higher average odds (7/1) are current strike rate is 43% which is really excellent.

So, regular winners and high returns… what more could you ask for!


Dutch Profit – Performance Summary

This is rapidly becoming one of my favourite models and one where I'm placing some of the highest stakes of all the models I currently use regularly.

  • More than 400 races tested live
  • 43% win rate
  • 20% Return on Investment
  • 30% Value margin based on odds Drawdown ­ 19 points
  • Longest Winning Run = 6
  • Longest Losing Run = 7

We don't back any runners priced less than 3.00 in this dutch model, so the lowest possible return from a winner is 50%, and our average odds are actually 7.95; yet we're winning nearly 45% of the time…

….you don't need to be a maths genius to see the value and return coming from that.


Profit Automation

Those familiar with the BF Bot Manager platform, we have also created a strategy file, which will be available to members at launch, which takes care of the price monitoring and bet placement.

I moved my own bet placement for Dutch Profits on to the BF Platform at the beginning of May so you can be assured its been rigorously and successfully tested for managing the model.


Current State of Play

We're currently working with a closed group of around 50 test members since late May to get their feedback.

Since the 27th May, results have continued on a similar and positive trajectory


  • 40 bets shared
  • 13 winning races
  • 4.53 points profit

As I write this, we had a 90/1 winner just yesterday:



What to know more about Dutch Profits?


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All the best,

Jon and the Football Advisor team

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  • Chris Esmond

    Is this a win or place bets method, Jon? A 90/1 win but less than 5 points profit in the last 2 weeks suggests it’s place betting.

  • Jon @ Football Advisor

    Hi Chris, it’s a dutching model. So we are splitting our stakes across two selections for an equal return. So, our stake is the same for every race, but our returns are variable dependent on the odds of the two selections. The higher the odds on both, the higher the return.

    We have minimum odds of 3.00 (2/1) for both selections, so we are always guaranteed at least 50% return on our stake for winning plays, usually much higher as you’ll have seen with that 90/1 winner the other day


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