Trading Diary – 1st June to 9th June, 2019

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Trading Diary

Every day or two, I share with Goal Hunter members my exact trades and any insights or learnings that accompany them. I'm also following the exact trade growth plan, mentioned above, that members are using so that they can follow along and compare their progress to mine (but it's not a competition! the only progress that matters is your own).

Following this, I have decided to share an abridged version of these updates here on the blog each week so others can learn more about football trading, before deciding on whether to join Goal Hunter.

We officially started the trading challenge on the 20th of May. You can read previous editions of the trading diary here.


Saturday 1st June

The last week has been a quieter one for me due to a combination of limited trading opportunities and spending a few days in Dubai, which was a nightmare from an access / VPN point of view. On the positive, it did force me to have a proper rest which was the original objective.

The Saturday started out with a few early morning trades as I knew I'd be busy for most of the day.


If I remember correctly, Figueirense was a match where I'd identified them as value and started off in the goal markets. They dominated the first half but their shooting was way off, but it was enough to tempt me into the match odds and early a second-half goal made for an easy and profitable couple of trades.

Nacional, however, in the next match, really made me sweat before a late, late goal provided relief and a good profit in the Match Odds, while a small loss in the Goal markets.

All in all a very profitable Saturday with profits secured early, even if the last match had to be completed on the phone while heading to my busy Saturday activities 🙂


2nd June

My busiest's day of the week for trading was the Sunday, which was the day before I went to Dubai.

There was not much happening on the goal markets with most of the focus on the Match Odds markets. Particular mentions going to Cuiaba and Sapporo matches with very decent collects.

We did come a cropper in the MLS with Orlando running out easy winners, costing 0.85 points but that was more than covered off by the other trades.

A half time entry in China on the goal market also delivered a strong return.












We made one more and, as it turned out, our last, trade on the French Open, leaving us with a solid green on Zverev

All in all, despite two losing trades, we came out on top with 1.13 points profit across twelve trades. Plus a further 0.23 points profit from our French Open trade.


3rd -6th

No trading



7th June

We had a good start to the day with a 0.98 points collect on the Alianza Lima vs Union game. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to grab a screenshot from this particular trade.

Little did I know that the day was about to get even better with our biggest winning trade of the month coming up that evening between Denmark and Ireland.

I hadn't even been planning to trade this game but had been watching it all evening and I got the feeling that Denmark would be pushing in the final 20 minutes or so to get the result.

I attacked this one quite aggressively from about the 60th-minute mark and when the Denmark goal came on the 76th minute I had the opportunity to cash out for a decent green or let it run for a huge return. In the end, I decided to go halfway and leave 1.35 points profit on unders and 5.4 points profit if either side could score the second goal.

Mr Shane Duffy was certainly the toast in our house when he scrambled home an equaliser in the 86th minute.



8th June

Today felt like I did my best to give back the winnings from the previous day.

Lost 1.2 points on the nil nil between Trelleborgs and Degerfors.

Picked up 0.35 points in the other Swedish match, between Bromm and Mjalby.

Then went and lost another 1 point in Brazil between Ooste and Figuerense.

Two 0-0 games from three matches are not how you want to spend your Saturday afternoon.


Fortunately, there was some redemption to be found as the day went on, firstly in the Women's World Cup where a very attractive opportunity presented itself in the match between Spain and South Africa.

Backed Spain with about 25 minutes to go and also got into the over 2.5 goals market for a total collect of 1.50 points.

Positive results in Italy, Finland and with Shamrocks made me feel confident that the day was going to end well again…

…but of course, there was another setback just hiding around the corner!

We got scratch up in the Irish match with Longford, with a late goal. While I was not so fortunate in the Extramadura Mallorca match which brought up my third nil nil of the day, and a 1 point loss. To compound things, I missed a trade in the Oviedo match by seconds resulting in scratch rather than a decent profit.

A few late evening trades in Brazil gave me a couple of small wins and a couple of small losses.

Overall, the day was a busy one and way more than I would (or should) trade in a day and resulted in a 0.13 points profit from 16 trades.



9th June

I nearly didn't trade yesterday as I felt I'd lost a bit of discipline yesterday and overtraded, and I wish I hadn't.

On the positive, I stuck to my target of three trades. The problem was, only two goals were scored in those three games.

It started out in Sweden where I expected plenty of goals in Dalkurd vs Hamlstadt match. There was a goal, but not until the 91st minute. Thankfully, due to a late correct score lay, I was able to walk away from that one with scratch.

Next up was England vs Switzerland and I felt strongly about an England win and several goals and on any other day, that would have landed easily.

I was facing a 1 unit loss and England went and scored, cue celebrations.

Then it was ruled out several minutes later by VAR.

But weirdly my trades were never cancelled and at full time, it looked like the above – a 0.25 points loss instead of a 1 point loss.

I was suspicious and expected the worst… and I was right… checked my statement about 30 minutes after the game and my loss had been adjusted to the original 1 point.

I also laid the draw in extra time for 0.5 points but that came up a loser as well.

Next up was the Portugal Netherlands game where I was at least able to secure a profit. I fancied goals but after the first match, decided to watch and wait. I only entered at half time and was rewarded 0.48 points profit midway through the second half.

All in all, about a 1 unit loss on the day, thanks to Englands two left feet and VAR.




I've felt discipline slip the last couple of days and probably over traded which may be down to the lack of trading opportunities earlier in the week or the fact I'm staying away from home at the moment so idle thumbs and all that.

Fortunately, for the most part, I've gotten away with and ended the last 10 days up by 8.1 points. For the month I'm tracking 18.49 points profit with 9 days to go.


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All the best,

Jon and the Football Advisor team

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