Trading Diary – 10th June to 17th June, 2019

Members of the Goal Hunter Football Trading Community, receive regular updates from me on my own trading as part of our 12-month trading challenge.

The 12-month trading challenge uses the Goal Hunter football trading method to create a realistic trading plan to take you from zero to becoming a successful football trader within 12 months. It's free as part of a Goal Hunter membership.

  • It allows you to start with even a moderate initial trading bank
  • Shows you how to structure your betting bank and how much to invest with each trade
  • Sets realistic and achievable daily targets for your trading – suiting even the most time-poor of us
  • Shows you how to grow your bank, month on month, in the most optimal way
  • Gives you a clear action plan for the whole 12 months
  • Helps you ensure discipline and focus as you embark on your football trading career

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Trading Diary

Every day or two, I share with Goal Hunter members my exact trades and any insights or learnings that accompany them. I'm also following the exact trade growth plan, mentioned above, that members are using so that they can follow along and compare their progress to mine (but it's not a competition! the only progress that matters is your own).

Following this, I have decided to share an abridged version of these updates here on the blog each week so others can learn more about football trading, before deciding on whether to join Goal Hunter.

We officially started the trading challenge on the 20th of May. You can read previous editions of the trading diary here.


Monday 10th June

I had some free time this evening and decided to take on some of the Euro Qualifiers. As reliable pre-match stats are a little harder to come bay with Internationals, the majority of the following trades were based on in-play stats.

The first trade was an easy one, Slovenia had really come out of the blocks were clearly dominating. I got into the trade about 5 minutes before the first goal for a very quick return and the second goal went in shortly after trading out for a no loss event – it actually finished 5-0 to Slovenia. I split the trade across the match odds and the goals markets for a very decent return.

Next up I started with a Half Time Lay late in the first half in the Faroe Islands Norway game. The matched reach 0-0 at half time despite Norway's dominance for a -0.126 loss.

I re-entered the match with a back of Norway and a back of Over 2.5.  An early goal enabled a profit to be locked in on both markets. I cost myself some profit by letting the overs trade run a little longer but with no sign of a second goal, I traded out to ensure profit. Across the three trades, a 0.36pt profit was secured.

Last up for the evening was Spain versus Sweden and I entered this at half time, focusing on Over 2.5 goals. The first goal didn't come until the 68th minute, by which time I had covered my bet with a trade in the over 1.5 market to ensure a small loss, at worst.

At this point, I had the choice to let it run or take the loss. I went with the latter which was the smart move, but two very late goals from Spain were a bit of a kicker as both trades would have landed. Overall loss on the match, -0.24 points.

In times like these, it's much better to stick to your rules and except your loss, rather than rue a missed profit.

Profit for the day 0.95 points.


Tuesday 11th June

Back to the Euro Qualifiers and the Women's World Cup.

I didn't manage to snatch and screenshots for this but trades were as follows.

(W) Sweden Chile +0.16 points

Italy Bosnia +0.31

Greece vs Armenia +0.14

Iceland vs Turkey -1.3


I rarely spend time in any of the trading chat rooms when I'm actually trading but one I do like is by the excellent team at Goal Profits. I happened to be in the room this evening as Kevin, one of the best traders I've seen, suggested to Half Time lay trades. Checking the stats I agreed and decided to follow him in and I was glad that I did as both landed for very tasty returns. (if you'd like to further develop your football trading you won't go far wrong checking out Goal Profits – 7 Day Trial for just £1 here)

Belgium v Scotland +0.72

Russia v Cyprus +0.66

Overall, another profitable day with +0.69 points banked


Wednesday 12th June

Just the one trade today on Deportivo vs Malaga, resulting in a return of +0.32 points profit.


Thursday 13th – 17th June

No more trades were possible for me for the rest of the week due to a combination of limited fixtures and time commitments.



Firstly, I'm pleased that I stuck to my objective for this week, which was to trade a little less after the volatility of the previous week. With 14 trades all week, averaging two a day, I feel that was accomplished.

Most importantly, another profit banked with just shy of two points profit secured for the week. This brings the monthly total up to 20.45 points, which is an excellent result so far.

With just a few days left of the month, it would take something very drastic for me not to reach an exceed this month's goals.

Expecting another quiet week ahead, which we'll cover off in our next update plus our monthly review.


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All the best,

Jon and the Football Advisor team

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