My Oldest Profitable Betting Strategy – Does It Still Work?

15 Years Later And Still Profitable?

Imagine walking around for 9 months with a winning lottery ticket sitting on your desk, and you having no idea that you were in fact, a millionaire?

Well that is exactly what happened to Canadian, Cornelius Naujoks’s.


“I was organising my desk a few weeks ago and found a big stack of lottery tickets,” he told the publication.

I took them to the store — I couldn’t believe it when I scanned this ticket and all of the zeros came up on the screen”


Fancy that hey – beavering away at your desk, working day in day out at your desk, and all the while, a life changing amount is lying there, staring at you and yet you are non the wiser.


There are many stories such as these, such as the couple that found a comic in their attack which was worth $1.5m which actually helped them save their home. Or the couple who snapped up a £5 chair, thinking they had gotten a bargain – little did they know that the chair also contained various antique jewellery, meaning they had turned £5 in to £5,000!

How about this – you get a leak in your apartment and you're fretting about the unexpected cost when the plumber arrives. The leak is then identified to be coming from behind a locked attic door.

The two of you get access to the attic and what do you find in addition to your leak? A rare Caravaggio painting worth $136 million


My own, less glamorous but potentially no less exciting, version of this happened about six months ago when I was setting up a new computer.

While doing so, I was reorganising my files and transferring across the ones I needed.

Well into this process and I came across one of my old strategy folders. Before clicking transfer, I decided to have a quick scan through and then it happened…it felt like it literally jumped off the page  – my oldest profitable betting strategy, created nearly 15 years ago, staring right back at me…

I was instantly drawn back in and could not believe I'd simply forgotten about it for so many years.

It was created that long ago, (possibly in a galaxy far, far away) I can't help wondering now how much money I have left on the table over the years.

I'll come on to how and why it was forgotten in a moment.

But first a quick trip down memory lane – the original version of this strategy was, for a short while, made available to purchase for readers of my old website, System Lays.

In fact, here it is sitting on my desktop:


I'm glad my design skills have improved in the last 10 years!


Somehow in the sands of time, despite it's profitability, I'd stopped using this personally and almost forgotten about it entirely.

I understand why I stopped using it, which was only meant to be temporary – but to this day, I still can not wrap my head around how I literally forgot about it after that… for the best part of a decade.

It would have been around the time I moved to Australia, more than a decade ago. One factor about the strategy, as the name suggests, required monitoring of the odds, as we were only interested in selections that were, well, odds on and running in certain conditions.

Time-zone wise, that was a bit of a nightmare for me.

Also, at the time I was not as comfortable as I am now with Betting Technology, and to be frank the technology available then was no where nears as capable as it is now.

So with those factors in mind, it was simply not possible for me to sustain staying up  every night, so I stopped using it, but with the intention to return back to it….but never did, that is, until January this year!


I really loved the approach because it was simple to follow (the best things usually are), safe and logical.

It was low risk as we were dealing with odds on selections, meaning profits were always higher than our potential losses, while we had a solid strike rate, averaging just one selection per day.

But the most important and attractive aspect was its pure consistency and profits – from 2005 until I stopped using it around 2010, or 2011, it had made a good profit every single year…

Fast forward to January this year and after re-discovering this great strategy – I fired up my BF Bot Manager platform, re-created the system rules into a new strategy and just left it running for the last six months (bar a period where my server restarted and wiped my bet records).


Would you like to know how I got on over the last six months with a strategy that I first created nearly 15 years ago?


In next weeks post, all will be revealed..  including my live results from the last six months plus the full results for the model going back to 2005.


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