Trading Journal – Using The Software And Scalping The Markets

As explained last week, I've been trading on Betfair/Exchanges since their inception. You'd think that would make me an expert, but if there's one thing I've learned over the years – there's still plenty left to learn!

I do, however, know how to make a quick few quid by scalping the right markets. That's what we're going to look at in today's article and I'll show you a few examples 🙂

I've signed up to the excellent software that I've used for years and they allow me to do every type of trading possible.

First up then, and it's the type of markets we need to be looking at.

You want a heavily backed favourite in a handicap race. Handicap races are generally bet on because we have plenty of “form” to go by and “jo public” will bet on their opinions thus forming an accurate market. (More on that next week)

Within the first show (that's the 10 minutes before the off) we're looking at what the price is, how this could fluctuate and how we can monetise those movements.

Here's a video that shows some simple scalping –

Here's the result from that video's trade –

Like I said in the video, not all trades are going to be as simple as that, but scalping on a fancied favourite, is always going to offer “ripe” pickings for people wanting to scalp!

Here's a few more screenshots of myself trading throughout the afternoon, using a scalping method –

That's just short of 20 quid for 90 minutes work. Within that time, I made a cup of tea, entertained my 4 year-old daughter for 20 minutes whilst my wife went for a run and enjoyed watching the racing, knowing that I would make a profit no matter what.

Now, it's not all as simple as that, and the day I documented my trading journal, it was all profits.

I can assure you that, losses will be made and the simplicity of the above trades will result in the market going the wrong way, BUT it's a good start and next week, we'll look at what WILL go wrong, how to cope with it and other ways to trade.

As I now have the more free time to trade and document my trading activity, next week's article will show a lot more of what is involved in trading for a living.

As always, any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.


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  • Bhupinder

    Hi Eddie. This looks promising. Your honesty regarding your life with making a cup of coffee, looking after your beloved daughter , your wife jogging is very refreshing. I am not familiar with automated betting tools. I couldn’t follow the scalping correctly but I know you profited over £11 on the video. Any details will be welcome. Please reference previous posts to me or email them. I want to earn a living doing this full time. Any chance if personally mentoring me one to one. I would be delighted as only those mentored in this way turn out yo be the best if the best. Warren Buffet and all other traders on the pinicle of their careers have had this type if mentoring cutting out years of disappointing failures in between. Thanks for the article.

    • Eddie Lloyd

      Hi Bhupinder, Thank you for the comment. You can access all of my trading journals on the blog. Just click on my name at the bottom of any of my articles and you’ll see everything I have written 🙂

      In terms of your questions. It’s not actually automated betting, but an interface that allows a trader to trade more efficiently than you can on the exchanges. You have to be present and using the software as and when the races are happening. Generally, around 10 minutes before the start, as this is when most of the liquidity is available.

      Keep your eye out for my emails on a Friday, where I’ll be doing a regular feature on trading and how it’s done 🙂

      We are thinking of offering a mentoring type of programme and we’ll let you know how that would work in the future.

      Thanks for reading and we’ll talk again soon 🙂


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