Holiday Betting & Having Some Fun!

First things, first! When you go on holiday, you should be relaxing and trying to do as little as you would back home. The idea of a holiday is to relax in a different environment and not have to stress about the responsibilities of everyday life. I manage to achieve this once a year, for around two weeks. However, what I do like to do, is come away with my family as often as possible for short little breaks around the UK. That's where I'm writing this article from, in the depths of Dorset, in an apartment overlooking the sea.

So, whilst the girls play snap on the coffee table (it's pissing it down, outside!) I'm taking a look at the markets to see if there's anything worth a decent punt. I certainly won't be trading, as I can't rely on the wi-fi but backing a few runners and attempting to pay for the trip, is my kind of fun!

I outlined in a post a few weeks ago, about a simple trick of finding some potential trades. The rules of that system apply to the strategy that I'll be using today.

First up then, we'll look at the Racing Post cards for tomorrow (it'll be today, as in Wednesday 31st July 2019) to see who's performing well and what runners, they have.

I'll be looking at Goodwood so that if it continues to piss it down, the girls and I will have something to cheer home on the telly!

Here are my stats and what I'll be betting –

William Haggas – Overall = 22%

                                    Last 14 Days = 25%

John Gosden – Overall = 20%

                               Last 14 Days = 38%

Runners =

14:25 – Desert Icon & Kosciuszko (Haggas & Gosden)

15:35 – Too Darn Hot (Gosden)

16:45 – Naqaawa (Haggas)

Now, if I was at home, I would be keeping an eye on the markets for the 15:35 and the 16:45 dependent on the result in the 14:25. You can see why and how I would do that in this post.

As I'm away and not trading, I'm going to have a few quid on each runner plus 2 each-way trebles on the lot.

Please, remember that this advice should be used with at your own discretion. I'm on holiday, I'm using a quick strategy to limit my time away from the girls and I've not even looked at the ability of each horse. It's simply a way to find some fun bets for entertainment and hopefully, make a few quid along the way.

I'm off to join in the snap now, which is gearing up to be quiet a fierce little tournament!


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  • exxplozionKevin.

    Love your Insights, Eddie. Will give this a go and good luck with Snap. My little girl always wins!!!

    • Eddie Lloyd

      Hi Kevin, thank you, once again for your support 🙂 My little girl does win a lot of games but I can’t help but shout “SNAP”, involuntarily and I end up winning. Amazing how a simple card game can teach some important life lessons. Mainly, for me!! Let your daughter win or all hell breaks loose LOL 😀


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