Trading Diary – The Biggest Issue With Trading

Members of the Goal Hunter Football Trading Community, receive regular updates from me on my own trading as part of our 12-month trading challenge.

The 12-month trading challenge uses the Goal Hunter football trading method to create a realistic trading plan to take you from zero to becoming a successful football trader within 12 months. It's free as part of a Goal Hunter membership.

  • It allows you to start with even a moderate initial trading bank
  • Shows you how to structure your betting bank and how much to invest with each trade
  • Sets realistic and achievable daily targets for your trading – suiting even the most time-poor of us
  • Shows you how to grow your bank, month on month, in the most optimal way
  • Gives you a clear action plan for the whole 12 months
  • Helps you ensure discipline and focus as you embark on your football trading career

You can learn more about Goal Hunter here.

Trading Diary

Every day or two, I share with Goal Hunter members my exact trades and any insights or learnings that accompany them. I'm also following the exact trade growth plan, mentioned above, that members are using so that they can follow along and compare their progress to mine (but it's not a competition! the only progress that matters is your own).

Following this, I have decided to share an abridged version of these updates here on the blog each week so others can learn more about football trading, before deciding on whether to join Goal Hunter.

We officially started the trading challenge on the 20th of May. You can read previous editions of the trading diary here.


July/August – Wimbledon Trading and Meeting the Goose

It's been a sporadic period of trading due to some recent family matters, but I did quickly want to call out my best trade of the year.

I've certainly had trades that made more money this year, but this is by far the lowest successful entry point that I've achieved, which is always cause for a mini celebration. Thanks again to Goose for helping to identify this one.

I'd made the decision pre-match that Lajovic was a potential vulnerable favourite (he tends to give up leading positions). As such, I'd decided to lay him if he won the first set, which he duly did.

I was actually a bit later to the trade than planned and Lajovic was already a break up in the second set. I decided to continue on with my original assessment as the liabilty was minimal at 1.03.

Istomen the stormed back to move back level and reached 6-5 with Lajovic to serve next. If I recall correctly, take the second set before Lajovic took the match but I was long gone by then.

I'd turned my £9 liability into £70+ profit in short order. A very pleasing trade I'm sure you'll agree.

Moving on now to some interesting developments on a trading project that I've been working on since May.


Anyone interested in trading will have, at some point, muttered the words


“Argh, there is just not enough time in the day to trade as much as I want to”


This is a common complaint and frequent feedback I see coming up on the support desk here at Football Advisor, particular those who are relatively new to trading.



Would you agree that the biggest challenge when it comes to trading?


Even serious traders like Eddie and I, have raised examples in recent months (here and here) where time constraints, other commitments and life have simply got in the way with trading.


Now, I’m a believer that trading does not have to take us much time as you think. Provided you have a clear plan, set yourself up in the right way and plan ahead, trading can fit into even the tightest schedule.


But for the purpose of this article, let’s assume that the biggest issue with trading is a lack of time


Automated Trading: Is It Really Possible?


At the beginning of the summer, I set myself the challenge to see whether I could automate some of my football trading strategies.


As members of Goal Hunter will know, on the surface it can seem like a pretty straight forward concept.


Place an opening trade if Y happens

Place the second trade if X happens

Place third trade of hedge if Z happens


If you are sitting at a computer (or on your mobile), watching a game, then these types of actions can seem logical and almost second nature.


However, translating that into clear logic that a program or software can follow is quite another thing, because often the logic requirements don’t happen in the same sequence and there are several other variables in-play which you can’t account for.


Despite these challenges, I still felt it possible. I accepted that I may have to be a flexible in my strategies and adapt them to what is ‘real world’ possible. I also accepted that I may have to sacrifice a little ROI in return for greater volume (and turnover of bets), which I was also comfortable – particularly if allowed me to effectively trade round the clock.



Automated Trading – Solved?


Using the BF Bot Manager platform, I have been able to replicate three of my most commonly used trading strategies, with a few minor adjustments.


It has taken all summer of tweaking and testing but I now feel I have got a viable and working automated versions of these three strategies.


For obvious rasons, I  have been using small stakes (£5) throughout the testing period. But as you can see the trades are not only working, they are paying off too


  • First Half Trading Strategy = £108.82 profit  (21.7 points profit)
  • Match Odds Trading Strategy = £78.21 profit (15.61 points profit)
  • Goal Hunter Trading Strategy = £66.15 profit (13.23 points  profit)

A very pleasing return for a month or so of the latest testing.  And, remember, this is all done automatically by the Bot.


What does all this mean? And, more importantly, What could this mean for you?


Picture this…


What if you could get up in the morning, spend a few minutes uploading all the matches you would be interested in trading that day.

Then you can go and have breakfast, go out for the day, spend time with the family, watch the football…

Or whatever you please, as the time is yours again.


All while this is going on, a piece of software is


  • Monitoring the markets
  • Placing your open trades
  • Re-acting to changes in prices and events during the match
  • Following a sequence of “What IF” rules to place further trades
  • Hedging and locking in profit for you, before moving on to the next game


There are no limitations on your time, or how many trades you have each day.


You can trade the morning match in Japan, the afternoon English games, followed by the European early evening games, while finishing off over in Brazil.


You can cover the full 24 hour spread of games – obviously still being selective about which games you trade – but you are not restricted by time, sleep or other commitments.


If there are three games you want to trade that day, each 8 hours apart – now you can.


 – Do you see the possibilities of this?


 – Is your mind racing the same as mine was and still is?


It’s certainly not been without its complications and set backs, which is why it has taken me nearly 3 months to get the inter-linked strategies working the way I want them to but in the latest round of testing, I could not be happier with the results


  • First Half Trading Strategy = £108.82 profit  (21.7 points profit)
  • Match Odds Trading Strategy = £78.21 profit (15.61 points profit)
  • Goal Hunter Trading Strategy = £66.15 profit (13.23 points  profit)



This all leaves just one remaining question – what if we could get that final step further?


If I said to you that YOU could:


  • Get access to all three over-arching strategies?
  • Have your trades uploaded every morning automatically?
  • Never have to worry about finding time to trade?
  • Follow my exact trades every day?
  • Benefit from a fully automated trading solution?
  • Enjoy passive trading profits?


If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, let us know in the comments below.






Goal Hunter Invitation

If you would like to join the Goal Hunter community, you will get access to a step by step guide, showing you;

  • How to pick the right matches
  • When to place your first bet
  • When to place any subsequent bets if required
  • When to lay (hedge) your bet
  • And what to do if the game is not going the way we want
  • How to identify and create value in the markets

You will also receive my very own football trading method that I use, day in an day out, trading football profitably.

The trading method I'll share will suit any location or time zone and no matter how much time you have available to trade, we will show you how you can still make profitable trades.

Plus the following bonuses

  • Short on time? Use my passive trading strategy
  • Free Daily Trading Tracker to monitor, learn and improve your trades
  • 12 Month Trading Growth Plan – take even the smallest banks to stellar heights
  • [Optional Upgrade] – Daily Trade Sheets – receive our daily trade sheets showing you the best trading opportunities covering the next 24 hours



All the best,

Jon and the Football Advisor team


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  • veli-matti hammari

    Hi Jon, I’m interested in automated trading system(s).
    cheers veli-matti

  • Ray

    Go1 Go! Go! with releasing that autamated trading system. I need SOMETHING to get me into profit with my trading.

  • Kerro

    Bring it on Jon. I am definately interested.

  • Terry

    Hi Jon

    I would be defo interested.



  • Alun DaviesAlun

    Would the BOT software work in conjunction with Goal Hunter?

    • Jon @ Football Advisor

      Yes. Goal Hunter was the initial motivating factor for this. There has been some minor tweaks to allow it to work but it works a dream, particularly in conjunction with the daily trade sheets


        hi jon, i an really interested in the automated trading system please can you give some more information,thanks robert

  • ztips7

    hi Jon
    Am deffo interested in the Auto trading system via bf bot manager.

    • Eddie Lloyd

      Thanks, Scott. More info coming soon.

  • Janne

    Yes please 😀

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    Sounds awesome ….

  • tERRY fRY

    Hi Jon .I would like to .hear more about the automated system.

    • Eddie Lloyd

      Hi Terry, More info coming soon…

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    interested in the automated system

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    yes i would be interested

  • Fred

    Hi Jon, sounds great definitely interested!

  • Michael Barnett

    As a Goal Hunter customer I would be interested in an automated system. Having spent a month a while back playing around with another football software with the IPT feed I know how fine auto trading strategies have to be tweaked to be profitable .. the nearest I got constantly profitable was a Lay present score strategy using the pressure index. Came to the conclusion for over .5 1.5 etc need to choose the games very carefully or losses occur

    • Jon @ Football Advisor

      Thanks Michael – I’m familiar with IPT as well. I’ve used it a little to get the live scores more accurate in BF Bot Manager

  • Ern

    Without the wit to really know what’s what and tight for time, I’d love to have ’em pointed out then load ’em and leave ’em

    • Jon @ Football Advisor

      Thanks Ern. Well it’s certainly our intention to be able to help you with that. We’ll be looking to share more information soon.

  • Alan

    Interested in more info

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    already using the bot so yes

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    Very interested. Trying to automate as much as I can with BFBM.

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    I would be interested, but, already own the Goal Hunter method.

    • Jon @ Football Advisor

      Thanks Kevin, this goes above and beyond the Goal Hunter Method. It includes three trading strategies and the exact matches that I personally trade each day – done automatically.

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    I’m very interest,please send me details



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