Trading Diary – Still Not Full-Time!

I've been planning to start my trading full-time for about four weeks now and it's still not been possible to implement. However, I've had a slightly better week and managed to get three days in.

I started last Sunday and settled in for an afternoon of rugby and the horses. I always trade the rugby (international games only) and find them to be very profitable. England were taking on Wales in a World Cup warm-up game. England, in my opinion were massively overpriced at 2.36 and I had a feeling they would try to dominate from the outset. Wales were all a bit too cocky about their World number 1 ranking and England were serious in knocking the confidence out of them.

I went straight in with a £200 back bet on England to win outright, with the hope that they would score the first try –

Sure enough, within the first four minutes, England dominated and scored a try. I quickly moved in and traded out for guaranteed profit of 20 odd quid –

Not being content with that, I then decided to go in again as England continued with their possesion and dominated with some great set pieces. Within the first 30 minutes, I'd traded out again and secured a profit of £64.48 no matter what the outcome –

Whilst England continued to walk all over Wales, I'd also identified two horses that were worth a trade in-running.

So, all in all a very profitable Sunday afternoon and after commisions, I walked away with a £94.76p profit.

The rest of the week was filled with various distractions, including a poorly daughter and broken boiler!

I managed a few quid on Wednesday afternoon and yesterday, saw me trade three horses –

Just over 40 quid after commisions plus a tenner on Wednesday, puts my trading up to around 140 quid for the week.

I plan to do much better next week and trade everyday and get back into the mindset of a full-time trader. Watch this space as I update you guys on how I get on 🙂

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  • Jonathan

    Nice one Eddie. Thanks for keeping us informed on your progress and how it is possible to trade for a living.


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