How To Earn Cash Back For Simply Depositing Money!

Something, a little different today but an incredibly powerful tool in helping you to profit more from your betting.

We're going to share with you details on how you can make cashback, simply by using a range of e-wallets to fund your betting accounts.

e-wallets such as those offered by Neteller, Skrill & ecoPayz allow you to deposit and withdraw into all major bookmakers and exchanges and crucially – keep your betting activity separate to all your day to day bank accounts.

You simply load cash into your e-wallet from your bank account and then transfer those funds into your betting accounts when needed.

And it is this transferring of funds from your e-wallet and into your betting accounts where you can earn cashback – up to 1.1% with Neteller and start to earn money whether your bets win or lose.

It is a simple, effective way to earn money each month simply by moving your funds from e-wallet to betting accounts and back. Those of you betting in medium to large sums each month can easily start to make a good level of extra income for very little work indeed.

Here's how the cashback structure works for individual e-wallets –

To access all of the above benefits, you can join the eWallet-Optimizer program here and start to earn cashback moving money from your e-wallet to your bookmaker accounts.

If you're depositing into bookmakers accounts on a regular occasion, then this program, is a no brainer and why not earn yourself a few quid, every time you deposit or withdraw?

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  • Mo

    Great article Footbal Advisor, just wanted to ask though, does the cash back only apply to those in the UK or anywhere in the world as I’m in Australia?


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