What Is Happening At Football Advisor Over The Next Couple Of Months

As you'll no doubt be well aware by now, UK Racing has now been suspended until at least the end of April, joining most football leagues on the sidelines. Although Irish, Australian, Hong Kong, South Africa, and US Racing are all set to continue for now.

The football world has also been decimated, although we do retain some football leagues dotted around the globe.

Here is what we know so far, obviously all of this is very much subject to change


– UK Racing –  Suspended until at least April 30th

— Grand National Postponed

– Irish Racing continuing behind closed doors

– US Racing – Depending on the State, set to continue for now

— Kentucky Derby postponed from May until September

– Hong Kong racing continuing

– South Africa racing continuing

– Australian racing continuing 


– Mexican football has now been suspended

– Chile / Brazil now postponed

– Euro 2020 and Copa America postponed until next year

– Argentina football continuing

– Uruguay football continuing

– Ecuador football continuing

– Australian A-League – continuing (Melbourne Victory and Wellington Phoenix observing 14 day quarantine before continuing their fixtures)

– English non-league now postponed

– Turkish football continuing

– South Korea – due to restart this weekend

– Russian Premier League now postponed

– Japanese J League – currently set to restart on the 3rd April

– Chinese Super League – due to restart on the 18th April



– All tournaments suspended. French Open potentially moved from May to September but there does some disagreement about that.


@Football Advisor

We're living in turbulent, fast changing and uncertain times.

Football Advisor, like any small business, has a number of expenses which unfortunately don't go on hold because the sporting world stops. Like many other small businesses, we face a very challenging and uncertain time over the near future.

Our team here all work from and although the sporting world has stopped for the time being, they will be continuing to work producing more engaging content, improving our website and brining forward new strategies, betting systems and services ready for when the world returns to some form of normality. Despite the uncertainty, I have committed to each and everyone of them that their work will continue and they will be paid.

In that vain, I would personally appeal to you that if you are in a position to support small and local businesses – not just Football Advisor, although any support is greatly appreciated – but any small business or business in your local community that will no doubt be struggling immensely during this period, then please, please do what you can to support them. If we all do what we can for each other during this period, the better we will all be on the other side of this, and the more of those business that you engage and have custom with, the more that will survive and continue to be there to support and serve you after this is over.


What we'll be focusing on

We will be continuing to produce engaging and educational content. To further support this we are partnering up with several publications to bring you even more insights, knowledge and entertainment.

We will be also looking to share other money making and business opportunities – some of which I am doing already (such as an investment I made that is already showing a 30% ROI) and others that may inspire you on how you can use your own time to potentially create a new business(es) or revenue stream(s) during this confined period. After all, the one thing most of us have in abundance right now – particularly those unable to work or confined to home – is time. More on that in a moment.

From this weekend, and assuming Australian Racing continues, we'll be sharing our top tips each Saturday on a model I've been using for a couple of years now to return a solid 10% ROI.

We are also in discussion with a couple of interesting partners, not effected by the current shutdown, that we'll hopefully be bringing you some exclusives here.

Lastly, there has been a project that I've been working on for a while now, that I'm assessing whether it is viable to bring forwards. If it is, I'll share more details on this then.


A Personal Note

Thank you all for your continuing support. We'll be sharing more about our broader thoughts and plans on the normal Football Advisor newsletter in the coming days.

Before I go, I would like to leave you with one final thought.

Back in the middle ages, when the Black Death hit humanity, causing untold disruption and loss of human life it eventually gave way to what became known as the renaissance period. One of the most productive periods in human history. It was because of the Black Death that the feudal system finally collapsed, while Personal Freedom, Prosperity, Exploration, Property Rights, Scientific Discovery, all flourished and boomed in the aftermath.

The world became a much better place – rapidly.

Some 300 years later and another attack of the Bubonic Plague struck Great Britain. During this time, the University of Cambridge closed it's doors for TWO WHOLE YEARS!

At the same time Isaac Newton had just completed his degree but his academic career had to be put on hold due to this crisis.

What did Isaac Newton do?

He retired to a small farmhouse and, in effect, locked himself away for two years conducting independent study and over this period he developed

Calculus, Optics and Gravitational Theory

In other words, some of Isaac Newton's most important and lasting work came from his own enforced quiet period.

We are all facing a once in a 100 year+ event and nobody knows for sure how long it will last or what the world will look like afterwards. But history tells us that events such as these create a huge opportunity for new discoveries and an improved world we all live in. On a more personal level, we do not need to compare ourselves to the Renaissance or Isaac Newtown, but we have a real opportunity to use our free time and enforced ‘quiet period' for our own improvement and betterment.

This will eventually come to an end. The world has the potential to become a better place for it, and most importantly of all, there will be opportunities for many that were not present or accessible before this crisis.

Wishing you and your loved ones good health and stay safe.

All the best,

Jon and the Football Advisor Team

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