One Of The Ways I’m Intending To Make Money This Week – And You Can Too


No Sport, No Problem

If February and early March, it was already becoming clear that sporting events were in danger (if not already postponed), so I started investigating other viable avenues for making some extra cash for my readers.

What I'm about to share with you is just one of those opportunities


Matched Betting – Is It Worth It?

Matched Betting is already a popular strategy for many but to be frank, I've usually ignored it for a couple of reasons.

The first being is that whats normally talked about is Bookmaker offers and sports. And when I tried this out a few years ago, I found that the time involved for the returns were simply not worth it for me personally, considering what I could make with my own betting and trading.

The other reason I shied away from it was that I didn't want to run the risk of my bookmaker accounts getting ‘gubbed' when they were too valuable to me for other uses.

However, I've been talking to a few people in the industry over the last couple of months and a couple of things came to light that peaked my interest.


Match Betting Is Way More Efficient and Less Time Consuming Now

Going back a few years and you were quite isolated if you were doing matched betting. It was time consuming hunting down offers, reading all the terms and conditions for offers (zzzz) and all that before you were able to try and make a profit.

However, with the improvements in technology and the rise of dedicated matched betting websites such as Profit Squad, who are solely dedicated to helping members generate matched bet profits as quickly and easily as possible, the game has changed.

All the hard work has been removed. They have a dedicated team who monitor and review all offers available. This is then shared in their community with simple, easy to follow instructions on how to access the offer.


Ok great, but there are no sports happening right now…

And this wss the second thing that caught my eye – the number of, and accessibility of, Casino offers has exploded – and not only that, there are likely to be ever increasing numbers of these as the Casinos, Bingo and Slots companies look to capitalise on the break in sporting events.

When I spoke to Robert from Profit Squad last month about this, he had this to say:

Profit Squad are one of the leaders in extracting value from casino offers. We have excellent tools and training for casino offers and the majority of our members focus mainly on casino which is good during these times. 
As well as an advanced casino section, which is absent from some other matched betting sites such as OM & PA, we also have advanced strategies and an advanced casino calculator which can determine the EV of any casino offer. The ones you find on many other matched betting sites simply work of the standard EV formula which doesn't apply to offers which require multiple wagering (the majority of them) which is why their EV is more often than not, incorrect.
We also currently adding several more casino offers to Profit Squad today and throughout the week so it's a great time for people looking to get into extracting value from these offers. We've also heard from several bookmakers that they'll be reeling out more casino offers in the coming days/weeks to compensate for the lack of sports offers.

How Much Can I Make?

In anticipation of the events that have just transpired, I decided to test this out live for Football Advisor readers.

And so far, I have to say I've been blown away by the possibilities.

Since the beginning of the month, I've already made £599.99 profit. While only doing this here and there when I had some time.

So far, I've completed around 12 offers and had a positive return in 9 of those, one break-even and two losers, the largest loss was just £9.21


Casino Offer Example 1 – Deposited £100, withdrew £231.96

Casino Offer Example 2 – Deposited £100, withdraw able £285.26 (I'm just completing some KYC checks before withdrawing)

Casino Offer Example 3 – Deposited £40, withdrew £80.69

Casino Offer Example 4 – Deposited £10, withdrew £35.73


In The Current Climate, Who Wouldn't Want An Extra £500-£1,000+ coming in each month?

Through my own experiences and through reviewing Profit Squad in detail, I feel confident and comfortable in recommending Matched Betting for Casino Offers to our readers as viable source of additional income.

There are a few dedicated providers around but having looked into all of them, Profit Squad is our number one recommendation – and we have an exclusive offer for Football Advisor readers at the bottom of this post.


Why Do We Recommend Profit Squad?

  1. Complete Training Guides and Easy Support

Everything you can possibly need is available to you from training guides, community support, step by step instructions for each offer


2. Reporting Dashboard

I absolutely love this feature. It is so quick and easy to keep track of all your offers, profit and and performance. Takes seconds to update and track your performance.


3. Offer Calendar

Once you have completed all the new casino offers (or sports, when they come back). There are still plenty of ways to continue to make a profit.

The Profit Squad Calendar makes this sooo easy. You can see from the below image, that at the time of writing there is potential EV profit of £124 today, £39 tomorrow and so on.


4. Training & Tools

You'll also have access to all the training and tools you can possibly need. Whether you have done matched betting before, or are a complete newbie – you'll learn and have the full support that you need.



Save With Football Advisor

I've been really convinced by this over the last month and I'm going to be ramping up my focus going forwards, looking to do at least 1-2 offers a day going forwards.

I'll be providing regular updates on my progress through the blog here.

If you'd like to get involved yourself, we've been able to negotiate some Football Advisor reader exclusives.

  1. Monthly – First Month just £4.99 instead Of £18.00 (Save £13.01)
    1. Coupon Code: FA2020
  2. Quarterly – £29.99 for your first 3 months instead of (Save £15.00)
    1. Coupon Code: FA2020Q
  3. Annual – £109.99 per year instead of £149.99 (Save £40.00)*
    1. Coupon Code: FA2020A
    2. *Annual members get access to additional more advanced strategies/offers

> Click Here To Get Started


How To Claim Your Exclusive Discounts With Profit Squad


  1. Follow This Link
  2. Choose your desired membership period length


3. On the next page, Locate where it says “Click here to change your discount code”


4. Apply one of the discount codes above and then complete your sign up


5. Say hi to me in the community once you've joined up 🙂


 – If you end up on the homepage of Profit Squad instead – then follow these steps instead

  1. Follow This Link
  2. Click On The Button Which Says “Start Your £1 Trial Now”


5. Say hi to me in the community once you've joined up 🙂

>>> Get Started here


Here are those exclusive discount codes again


  1. Monthly – First Month just £4.99 instead Of £18.00 (Save £13.01)
    1. Coupon Code: FA2020
  2. Quarterly – £29.99 for your first 3 months instead of (Save £15.00)
    1. Coupon Code: FA2020Q
  3. Annual – £109.99 per year instead of £149.99 (Save £40.00)*
    1. Coupon Code: FA2020A
    2. *Annual members get access to additional more advanced strategies/offers

>> Click Here To Start Making £500-£1,000+ a month


Right, I'm off to my next Casino Offer 🙂


All the best,

Jon and the Football Advisor Team

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