Can You Profit From Short Odds Betting?

Can you still win long term at short odds?


The conventional cliche in sports betting is that you should avoid odds on selections. After all, if you’re going to risk a pound, you should be able to make a pound in return.

As much as this theory sounds good on the surface, there’s no reason that you can’t make a profit from shorter odds selections.



Winning Percentages

Another common cliche in betting circles is that if you’re right more than half the time, then you’ll be in profit. When it comes to odds on selections, that’s definitely not the case.

The key to being successful at shorter odds is to have an understanding of probabilities and make a judgement based on your own research. If you think the probability of an event happening is higher than the odds suggest then its still worth considering.


Example- The case of Floyd Mayweather and Connor Mcgregor



A perfect example of this would be the heavily marketed fight between Floyd Mayweather, one of the greatest boxers in his class of all time and Conor Mcgregor, a world champion Mixed Martial Artist.

The fight itself was a boxing match and even though Mayweather’s odds were around 1.33 at the start of the fight, plenty of smart bettors piled in.

Think of it this way, the odds of 1.33 suggested a 75% probability of Mayweather winning the fight. In fact, those knowledgeable about boxing believed his chances were much higher than this and the odds should have been even shorter. For one of the greatest fighters ever to be pitted against someone (although extremely talented in his own discipline) who had never fought at this level before made this price extremely attractive to people willing to skew their risk to reward ratio.


The favourite-longshot bias


Although many favourites do shorten in price due to ‘hype’, gamblers still have a tendency to overvalue longshots and undervalue favourites. This can lead to occasions where value can still be found on selections at a short price.

Value finding


Using tools such as oddschecker, you’ll soon be able to spot prices that are significantly higher than elsewhere. Although it doesn’t sound like much, betting on a market with an odds boost at 1.6 when the rest of the market is offering 1.5 can be a significant advantage. If you’re able to find edges of even just a few percent on a consistent basis, you should be turn over a regular profit. You can even use tools such as tradematesports to find these bets for you.


Kelly Staking


If you’ve found bets at a value price, you can maximise your edge on these by using kelly staking. Kelly staking is a method of staking that varies your stake according to your perceived edge and your available betting bank. If you know what your edge is on the rest of the market and the odds you are betting at, you can adjust the size of your stake accordingly. There are simple calculators online that can do this for you


Loss Recovery systems


One of the reasons why some bettors are reluctant to bet at short odds are the number of bets required to recover any losses. One method could be to use a loss recovery system where you would raise your stakes after a short odds loss or stake plus your winnings on your next bet. The probability of a long winning streak is higher with short odds selections and this could be a fast way to build your bankroll. Be warned though, that you should have a sufficient bankroll to employ this strategy and long term it may not be profitable.




You might consider putting your short odds selections into a double or larger accumulator to get your total odds closer to or above evens. If you feel confident of a result in a few games, then it makes sense to claim those bigger odds. However, bear in mind that in many cases, accumulators are poor value in the long term as bookmakers will add their own margin into your bets. Shop around for the best accumulator prices using oddschecker.


Using short odds for your research


Of course you don’t actually have to bet on something at short odds but if you think the odds are far too short, then there is value in opposing it. A common strategy in tennis exchange trading is to lay a dominant favourite at the beginning of a game at short odds in the hope that their opponent will claim an early break. You can then trade out of your position for a profit before the favourite makes a comeback. One of football advisor’s core strategies of laying the draw also works on extracting maximum value by opposing a late draw in a football match for big profits. Of course, your strike rate for laying at short odds will be lower, but the potential payouts can be significant if you are consistently making value selections.



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