Power Play – 7 Betting Strategies In 1

“Power Play – 7 Betting Models In 1”

” One Month Trial Just £10″
  • Daily Parlay
  • Parlay Power Play – increases our returns even further
  • Two Snowball models – 10x your stake in 5 bets or less
  • £10-£1,000
  • Two recommended daily double bets, one on the races and one on the football

All totalled, 7 betting models included in the one membership.

We believe this is excellent value for all members with proven profitability potential spread across the models.
If you are looking for low risk, high win rates, and a regular steady profit line then Power Play could be for you.

Power Play is a combination of two existing services that we used to provide (7 in 7 and 10k) plus five additional models to provide a raft of excellent betting opportunities each day.

Power Play focuses on short odds betting and using various models and staking to maximise profit and minimise risk.

It's a great little way to grow your betting bank or add some diversification to your existing portfolio.


Favourite / Longshot Bias

Some people have an issue with betting short odds (think 1.50 or lower) but the reality is that there is often more value to be found in short odds, than there is in the longer odds markets.

To delve into this topic properly would require a full blog post (or more) itself, and we will talk more on the subject soon. But the key points are this


  1. Bookmakers exploit the fact that punters are more likely to be draw to winning £90 from a £10 bet than they would be from winning £2 from a £10 bet (even though that is a 20% return). This means that they can offer higher odds selections at lower than the real implied odds (E.g. a 9/1 shot may actually be more like a 12/1 shot when consider its true probability)
  2. Conversely, point (1) means the bookies can often higher odds on short odds events, compared to their implied probability, to balance the books
  3. It has been proven in various studies that if you backed every short odds selection you would lose less than if you backed every underdog

None of this alone is enough for us to find a profitable edge but it does underpin the thinking behind the Power Play models, which when combined with our staking and extensive database which allows us to find the true odds of an event and identify when the bookmakers are offering clear value in the short odds markets, allowing us to deliver regular winners and consistent profit.


Introducing Power Play

Power Play incorporates 7 betting models, loosely grouped into three categories

 – Rapid Growth Models

Daily Parlay, Power Play and 10 – 1k

We recycle the selections across each model and look to make daily profits, plus higher profits running for longer sequences across Power Play and 10-1k

Since launch on the 17th June, we have had

  • 24 selections
  • 24 Winners
  • 6.74 points profit


 – Roll over bets

Snowball 1 and 2

We have two models which target selections around 1.50 and around 2.00 (even money) and we look to 10x our stake in as short a time as possible, usually 4 bets.

Think of it as an Acca but spread over a few days, allowing us to be more selective in our bets.

  • 6 Selections
  • 4 Winners
  • -0.25 points profit


 – Daily Doubles

Football and Racing Doubles

Each day we provide to two doubles priced from 1.50 to 4.00 focused on Football and Horse Racing

  • Racing
  • 3 Selections
  • 2 Winners
  • 1.5 points profit


  • Football
  • 2 Selections
  • 1 Winner
  • 0.18 points profit


In summary, since just the 17th June we have achieved for members

  • 35 Bets
  • 31 Winners
  • 88.6% Strike Rate
  • 8.17 points profit

At just £1 a bet, you would already have nearly paid for your first month trial of Power Play.


>>> All you need to do is click here to trial Power Play for yourself


All the best,

Jon and the Football Advisor team

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