Trading Diary – We’re One Step Closer To Full Automation!

Members of the Goal Hunter Football Trading Community, receive regular updates from me on my own trading as part of our 12-month trading challenge.

The 12-month trading challenge uses the Goal Hunter football trading method to create a realistic trading plan to take you from zero to becoming a successful football trader within 12 months. It's free as part of a Goal Hunter membership.

  • It allows you to start with even a moderate initial trading bank
  • Shows you how to structure your betting bank and how much to invest with each trade
  • Sets realistic and achievable daily targets for your trading – suiting even the most time-poor of us
  • Shows you how to grow your bank, month on month, in the most optimal way
  • Gives you a clear action plan for the whole 12 months
  • Helps you ensure discipline and focus as you embark on your football trading career

You can learn more about Goal Hunter here.

Trading Diary

Every day or two, I share with Goal Hunter members my exact trades and any insights or learnings that accompany them. I'm also following the exact trade growth plan, mentioned above, that members are using so that they can follow along and compare their progress to mine (but it's not a competition! the only progress that matters is your own).

Following this, I have decided to share an abridged version of these updates here on the blog each week so others can learn more about football trading, before deciding on whether to join Goal Hunter.

We officially started the trading challenge on the 20th of May. You can read previous editions of the trading diary here.


Automated Trading – Is It Possible?

Over the last few weeks, we have been sharing our regular updates on our quest to automate our football trading profits and it continues to be a very positive story.

If you missed these posts, you can catch up on them below:

The last 8 days have been the final stage of months of testing and I've finally been able to get all three strategies reacting in the markets exactly how I want them to while replicating what I would do if I was trading live.

To say I'm excited would be an understatement.


Automated Trading – A quick recap

As a quick recap, there are three unique strategies which we are deploying.

Strategy one focus on first-half trading

Strategy two plays the over / under markets.

Strategy three operates in the match markets

Overall it provides three lucrative trading strategies, which can be deployed automatically. (E.g. selections are uploaded in the morning and they will each happily trade over the next 24 hours).

It has taken several months of testing tweaking as it involves a complex set of rules which each strategy effectively deploying three or more inter-linked strategies to get the actions and returns that we want.


Automated Trading – Performance Update

*how to read the charts – Left side demonstrates the points profit of the trades. (E.g. First Half trading is around 45 points in profit). The bottom axis shows the number of trades – this is not the number of games, rather every bet or lay placed, meaning there could be multiple trades per game. We show the number of games traded further down.

First Half


Match Odds


Over / Under Trades


  • The Over / Under trades have been included in the chart from the 17th when we made the final change to the strategy


Performance Summary

I'm delighted with these numbers. I'm already seeing the two-fold benefit of automating the trades.

Firstly, the obvious one is that its automated which is a huge time save, while at the same time it is allowing me to be selective while also creating new and more trading opportunities for games where I would not be able to trade.

While 65+ points profit in a month of trading is pretty darn impressive.

If you're anything like me and interested in trading profits then you can easily see why I'm so excited.


How to access the automated trading models


Understandably we have had a number of messages asking how and when you can get access to the automated strategy files and my personal trading selections.

Our current thinking is to launch this in the first or second week of September, probably during the International break.

There is a couple of things we need to work on before then though.

The first of which is putting together all the training and support materials to make it as easy as possible for members to implement and start using the automated trades.

The other consideration, and it is a really important one, is whether we look to limit access to this.

The reason for this is market liquidity and protecting returns for myself and for the members that join us.

Often, the markets I am trading have very good liquidity but it is a different situation when you perhaps have 50, 100 or 150+ people all trying to place a trade at the same time.

So, we are giving serious consideration to limiting this to a small exclusive group, to begin with, and make it very tailored to each individual, along with providing direct access to me during the trades.

Naturally, if we do that, it would require a higher price point which may not suit everyone but for the right people, it will provide tremendous value and a great opportunity.

We've been canvassing existing Goal Hunter members to get their views on this, which has been incredibly useful. We'd love to hear your views on this as well, so feel free to leave your comments below or contact me via the support desk.

If you'd like you to get on the priority update list for the automated trading group, feel free to add your details below:

We'll be back with our next trading update next week. Remember to let us know your views in the comments or via the support desk, on whether we should go down the exclusive route for the automated trading models.


All the best






Goal Hunter Invitation

If you would like to join the Goal Hunter community, you will get access to a step by step guide, showing you;

  • How to pick the right matches
  • When to place your first bet
  • When to place any subsequent bets if required
  • When to lay (hedge) your bet
  • And what to do if the game is not going the way we want
  • How to identify and create value in the markets

You will also receive my very own football trading method that I use, day in an day out, trading football profitably.

The trading method I'll share will suit any location or time zone and no matter how much time you have available to trade, we will show you how you can still make profitable trades.

Plus the following bonuses

  • Short on time? Use my passive trading strategy
  • Free Daily Trading Tracker to monitor, learn and improve your trades
  • 12 Month Trading Growth Plan – take even the smallest banks to stellar heights
  • [Optional Upgrade] – Daily Trade Sheets – receive our daily trade sheets showing you the best trading opportunities covering the next 24 hours



All the best,

Jon and the Football Advisor team

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