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Hi, Guys,

So, I usually analyse my betting every 30 days, but given the current situation that we find ourselves in, I think it's prudent that I go over everything, every seven days. It's also the reason why I've given myself such a small betting bank of £280, to be spread over fourteen days.

My mission… To see if the new conditions of racing (something that a lot of vendors/tipsters, have overlooked) will affect us, as punters.

If you're wondering why I've changed my outlook, then please, check out this recent blog post…

Why You Probably Shouldn't Be Betting This Week…

To the breakdown –

Over the last ten days, we've had seven days of betting.

Here are the stats –

Selections = 25

Turnover = £125 

A strike rate of winners = 24% (6 wins) 

A strike rate of places = 56% (14 places including the winners)

MB (Advised prices beating BSP) = 28%

Looking at those statistics, we're not performing far short from the norm. However, my concern is that the MB figure is way lower than it should be.

Let's break that down a little more.

Had I taken the BSP from the selections bet, I would have seen a return of £277.41p as opposed to the returned £271.41p from matched prices. That's a difference of £5.57p. Over 100 bets, that's over 50 quid I'm missing out on. That can make the difference between a profit and a loss!

This is something I will now look at more closely over the next seven days of betting and work out what it is I am doing wrong. I'm not overly concerned at the moment as I'm only betting with small stakes, however, if I don't get the MB figure up to around 70%, I will not be increasing my stake size. This simply highlights the point of keeping things small and continually analysing the data every week.

I'll update again when we've got through the 14 day trial period 🙂






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