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The Maria Staking Plan By The Numbers


In our previous post, we took an in-depth look at the origins and story behind “Maria Staking Plan”. If you missed it, you can read it here.

Today we are going to go a little deeper into the numbers and mathematics behind this approach. While at the end of today's article you'll be able to download a free copy of our Maria Staking Plan Spreadsheet for you to use.


Over the next few days we are going to unpick what is known about the Maria Staking Plan, separating the fact from the fiction, where best we can.

We are also going to take on the challenge of attempting to apply (successfully) the Maria Staking Plan to the football betting world – and if you stay with us over the next few days, you'll also have the opportunity to join us on the journey.

By The Numbers – The Maria Staking Plan

As we discovered last time, it was designed to enable her betting profits to be compounded, thus growing the bank in a quicker, more accelerated way.


Prices below 3.5: lay to 1% of bank – backer’s stake £30 (max liability under £75)

Prices from 3.6 to 7.4: lay to 0.6% of bank – backer’s stake £18 (max liability £46.80 – £115.20)

Prices from 7.5 to 11: lay to 0.4% of bank – backer’s stake £12 (max liability £78 – £132)


Maria Staking Plan Rules

Rule 1 – Adjust Your Stake Based On The Odds

If Bet 1 the odds are 8. The Stake is 0.4% of £3000 which is £12.
If Bet 1 the odds are 4. The Stake is 0.6% of £3000 which is £18.
If Bet 1 the odds are 2.5. The Stake is 1% of £3000 which is £30.
If Bet 1 the odds are 12. The Stake is 0% of £3000 which is £0.


Rule 2 – If making profits, the stakes are increased on a daily basis in proportion to the betting bank on a daily basis

For instance, if after day 1 the betting bank is at £3300 then 1% would now be £33 rather than £30


Rule 3 – If after a days betting the cumulative betting bank has decreased the stakes are left alone unless 35% of the highest level of the bank is lost.


If this occurs then the stakes are re-calculated based on the new “65%-sized bank” For example if your using £3000 as your starting betting bank, you would keep the same stakes used until your betting bank went below £1,950 when those backer’s stakes would become £19.50, £11.70 and £7.80 until the bank gets back up to £3,000 again (or – even down to £1267.50 – a further 35% loss). The 35% drop is always worked out from the highest point of the bank.


Maria Staking Plan – Original Thread

Sadly the Expert Betting Forum is no longer in existence. However, those great people at Wayback Machine, have managed to capture the original thread for posterity.

If you are interested in revisiting 2005 and see how it all unfolded first timeout, you can access the Maria Staking Plan Original Thread here.

Maria Staking Plan – Is It Possible

If you are considering taking up the Maria Staking Plan challenge then there are a few factors to consider before commencing.


(1). Do you have an Edge?

There is no point in just randomly picking selections and applying the staking plan. Unless you have a clear method and a belief that you have a real edge then this will not work for you and you will lose money.

As we've mentioned previously, this is not a solution to making money. A staking plan is only as good as the selections being applied to it. It won't make a losing model profitable.


(2) Strike Rates

With a model such as this the ability to achieve consistent and high strike rates is paramount. Maria achieved an 85% strike rate and you would need to be able to do something similar.

By our estimates, you would need at least an 80% strike rate and more likely somewhere in the region of 83-85%+.

If Maria's strike rate had dropped to even just 75% she would have lost plenty and wiped out her bank pretty quickly.


(3) Don't be greedy

We all see the big 100k figure and dream of achieving that. But unless you have plenty of money to spare, putting £3,000 is not wise. It is a high risk, high reward approach.

A much smarter approach would be to use a more affordable figure, such as £300 (affordable may mean something different to you, so please adjust to suit your own financial circumstances), and targeting £10,000 initially.

If successful, you could bank some profit and THEN set aside the £3,000 bank. In fact, you don't even need to target the £10,000. You could collect and start again at much lower benchmarks.

But the most important part is that you start with a bank you are expecting and able to lose, even if that is just £50.00.


(4) Stick To The Rules

Naturally, you need to stick to the rules as proposed unless you have your own take on the approach, but even then, stick to your original rules all the way through.


(5) Have fun

Something like the Maria Staking Plan is as much about the fun of the challenge. Great if you do succeed or even come close to succeeding. But I feel you start something like this with the expectation to lose – and you should set your betting bank as such.

Remember, many have tried and many have failed in trying to replicate what Maria did.

It's not to say it is impossible. We do believe it is possible with an edge and a little luck on variance. You just need to keep all these factors in mind before beginning.



Can The Maria Staking Plan Be Automated?

I'm pleased to say that at YES, the staking plan can be automated. Here at Football Advisor, we use BF Bot Manager for most of our betting and BF Bot Manager comes with Maria Staking Plan built in by default.


And here is an sample of one of the tests I've completed using this Maria Staking Plan setting in BF Bot Manager:

Maria Staking Plan Spreadsheet

If you are not currently a BF Bot Manager user and simply prefer to place you bets manually, you may be looking for a spreadsheet to help you keep accurate records if you ever decide to put the Maria Staking Plan to the test.

If so, I'm pleased to saw that Football Advisor team have you got you covered and you can download the Maria Staking Plan spreadsheet here. It is completely free but remember it is solely for your own personal use.


What's Next?

In our next, and final, look at the Maria Staking Plan we're going to break down for you a football lay betting strategy that we feel has the right criteria to stand a decent chance of being able to achieve something similar to Maria.

More on this in a few days but in the meantime, don't forget to download your free copy of the Maria Staking Plan Spreadsheet


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