Trading Diary – Can you make a passive income from betting?

Automated Trading – Is It Possible?

Welcome to the latest installment of our automated trading journey. We are now very, very close to lifting off.

If you have missed any of the posts over the last few weeks, you can catch up here:



Automated Trading – A quick recap

As a quick recap, there are three unique strategies which we are deploying.

Strategy one focus on first-half trading

Strategy two plays the over / under markets.

Strategy three operates in the match markets

Overall it provides three lucrative trading strategies, which can be deployed automatically. (E.g. selections are uploaded in the morning and they will each happily trade over the next 24 hours).

It has taken several months of testing and tweaking, as it involves a complex set of rules with each strategy effectively deploying three or more inter-linked strategies to get the actions and returns that we want.


Automated Trading – Performance Update

The below results relate to Monday 26th August, until Saturday 31st August. I've separated the results out as we ran a final trial on Sunday with the latest edition of the BF Bot Manager platform having been released (more on this in a moment).

Considering the dearth of interesting fixtures for most of the week, I'm really pleased to see a return of nearly 10 points profit.

Our over/under trading delivered handsomely 10.79 points profit achieved.

Our match odds, despite several unusual results this week (particularly on Saturday), came out ahead at +1.49 points.

While our first half trading took a minor knock (-2.44 points) but considering this has made more than 40 points in recent weeks, that's no great shakes.


As you can see from the image above. The 24 hour period covering Saturday delivered a nice £115.47 profit to small stakes.

 – Sunday's results

After updating our reports, we reset and implemented the latest version of BF Bot Manager on our Bot ahead of Sunday's matches.

Firstly, ahead of sharing these strategies publicly,  we wanted to make sure they continued to work as planned with the latest version without any amendments.

We also, perhaps, more importantly, were very keen trial out their new ‘live score feature'. Up until now, we have been using a complex integration with a third-party AND utilizing the correct score markets to work out the current score. It works well but not perfectly, and it involves a bit more work to set up each trade.

All that said, we are pleased to report that it worked swimmingly yesterday and it now means we can 110% confidently say we are able to offer a fully hands-off, 100% automated trading solution in the near future.

I'd say over £250 in profit, from £20.00 stakes, across a day's automated trading is a pretty strong validation. Would you?


Passive Income, Is It Really Possible?

The definition of passive income according to Wikipedia is as follows:

Passive income is income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it


Sounds great, doesn't it.

But I believe passive income is one of the most elusive and miss-understood concepts around.

There are very, very few things that require minimal to no effort to receive it.

Let's take a look at some examples.


Rent from investment properties

– True to a point but it still can require a lot of work in terms of maintenance, dealing and sourcing tenants, tax returns and more.

Books, movies, or songs

– This is perhaps the closest in our list of examples. Yet, it's not guaranteed to go on forever without work promoting it. Eventually, the earnings will fall (at least in most cases) and more work is needed to create fresh works.

But unless we are Tom Cruise or John Grisham, it's not really going to tick the boxes for us.

An online business?

– Such as the one this one. Despite the popularity of Tim Ferris' great book, the four-hour workweek, I can assure you the management and maintenance of our website takes way more than that.

Even with the team that we've been able to build over the years, there are aspects of the site (tip expertise, new services, customer support) that I simply can not step away from. As soon as I do, problems arise.

Every person I have ever met that has a truly successful online business puts in a lot of hours. Maybe they are working fewer hours than they did in the early years' thanks to processes, automation and a good team around them… but they are anything but passive.


– Even following a successful tipster can involve a lot of work, as you will well know, placing the bets, finding the best odds, keeping reports and so on, all takes time.

You could say our Low Risk Lays model is a passive income earner and that would be true.

Once it is set up correctly, it will just run and run but as good as it is (and I love it!), you are probably not going to retire from that alone.


Automated Trading Prophets – A True Passive Income Earner?

My definition of passive income would also add an extra line to the statement, and that would be,

Provides a sustainable and long term earning model, that has the potentially to replace (all or in part) a persons working income.

Now you may have guessed where I've been heading with this.

Do we have something in our hands that could tick all of the boxes for a truly passive income-generating solution – both the official definition and my expanded one – with the automated trading profits that we have created over the last few months?

I believe the answer to this has a chance of being a resounding yes.

True, for me, it will never be 100% passive.

I will still need to spend the hour+ each day, upwards of 2 hours on weekends, that I spend seven days a week assessing pretty much every game taking place over a 24 hour day.

Plus another 30-60 minutes each day creating this in the BF Bot Manager platform.

That's 7 day's a week…

But for you…

You, dear reader, it really can be passive…


A bold statement, but let's break that down.

  1. You set up your betting bot
  2. We provide you with the strategy files
  3. You set your staking
  4. We provide you with the researched selections every day, directly into your betting bot
  5. The strategy files we have already provided you then do all the work, day in, day out


Now let's see how this compares to the Passive Income definition


  • “income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis”tick
  • “requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it” tick
  • “Provides a sustainable and long term earning model” tick
  • “has the potential to replace (all or in part) a persons working income” given time, another tick

Let that sink in for a moment.

How valuable would something be to you that could deliver all that….?


Trading Prophet – Coming Soon…

We will be launching Trading Prophet this Thursday to Goal Hunter members and priority waitlist members only.

The places will be extremely limited for this and they may well all go on Thursday.

IF we have any spots left, then the following week, we will open this up to the rest of our members base and readership.

So, if you want to ensure you are in the front of the queue come Thursday, make sure you are either a Goal Hunter trading member or are on the priority waiting list.



We'll be back with our next trading update next week. Remember to let us know your views in the comments or via the support desk, on whether we should go down the exclusive route for the automated trading models.


All the best






Goal Hunter Invitation

If you would like to join the Goal Hunter community, you will get access to a step by step guide, showing you;

  • How to pick the right matches
  • When to place your first bet
  • When to place any subsequent bets if required
  • When to lay (hedge) your bet
  • And what to do if the game is not going the way we want
  • How to identify and create value in the markets

You will also receive my very own football trading method that I use, day in an day out, trading football profitably.

The trading method I'll share will suit any location or time zone and no matter how much time you have available to trade, we will show you how you can still make profitable trades.

Plus the following bonuses

  • Short on time? Use my passive trading strategy
  • Free Daily Trading Tracker to monitor, learn and improve your trades
  • 12 Month Trading Growth Plan – take even the smallest banks to stellar heights
  • [Optional Upgrade] – Daily Trade Sheets – receive our daily trade sheets showing you the best trading opportunities covering the next 24 hours



All the best,

Jon and the Football Advisor team

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  • Matthew Barclay

    hi jon I had previously wanted to join a simular bot trading opportunity, but was unable to because I have Bitdefender as my security system and was not compatable .
    Is this a problem with your bot or has it been sorted. look forward to hearing from you.
    warm regards

    • Jon @ Football Advisor

      Hi Matthew

      I can’t say definitively as I use a VPS rather than my normal machine for all my automated betting and trading. I do know that BF Bot Manager has a proxy log in feature which I believe would allow you to work the tool along side your security settings.


  • Nikos Apostolou

    Hello Jon,
    I would ask you if i need the Betfair for your new Trading Prophet, because the Betfair (the original) is not allowed in my country (Greece).

    But i found a few very interested sites, which supports only Betfair, like Orbit Exchange or 9Wickets Exchange from AsianConnect (

    Can i use these Exchanges instead of Betfair with your bot ?

    Best Regards.

    • Jon @ Football Advisor

      It would depend on the betting bot (third-party) which has versions which connect directly the API for Betfair, Matchbook and Betdaq.

      I suspect the solution you are talking about would not work as it would not have a direct connection


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