Spotlight: Issue 1 – Football Advisor Lays

Spotlight – Issue 1: Football Advisor Lays

On a regular basis, we take an in-depth look at a betting service, (including our own) with particular emphasis on it's performance and why you may wish to consider adding it to your portfolio.

In today's issue, we take a look at the popular, and award winning, Football Advisor Lays.

Football Advisor Lays – Overview

As the name would suggest, Football Advisor is a lay betting model.

This means we are using a betting exchange to bet against an event happening.

Let's say we we don't think that Crewe will win against Oxford United. But we want to have cover on the draw as well as an Oxford United win. This is where lay bet would come in

In this example, we have laid Crewe for £10.

If Crewe WIN the game, we lose £24.50 (The odds (minus 1), multiplied by our stake)

If the match is a DRAW, we win £10.00 (less any commission)

If Crewe LOSE (Oxford win), we win £10.00 (less any commission).


With Football Advisor Lays, you are actually getting two betting services rolled into one, as we also provide Lay The Draw selections as well.

It works in the same way as the above example, except we want any outcome except for the game to end as a draw.

If the match is a DRAW, we lose £26.00

If Crewe OR Oxford United Win, we win £10.00 (less any commission)


Do I need Access to Betfair or another Betting Exchange?

Although it is recommended to bet with a betting exchange, and necessary if you want to automate your bets (more on this later), it is not essential.

We understand many members are from regions where, although betting is allowed, betting exchanges are not permitted or that you are limited to betting exchange brokers, like Orbit.

In these circumstances, it does not need to mean that you have to miss out on these profitable bets.

You can also place these bets using the markets available with traditional bookmakers, namely Double Chance or the Asian Handicap

 – Double Chance

Taking the first example above, the lay of Crewe, we are in effect, placing a bet on Oxford United and the Draw, which is in effect a 1X bet on Double Chance (Oxford or Draw)

The key thing to note is that you would not stake £10, but rather your liability equivalent if laying on the exchange, in this case £24.50.

Your return would be £33.07, less your £24.50 stake, giving you a profit of £8.57 profit.

It is a little lower than what you would expect from Betfair, even after commission, but it is an option available to you if for the reasons listed above, you can't use the exchange.

Alternatively, you can also look to use the Asian Handicap market to place the same type of bet. It is also likely that your returns will be higher as Asian Handicap markets tend to have the lowest vig (margin) for the bookmaker.

In this example we would make a profit of (32.59-24.50) £8.09, so actually the lowest in all of our examples, which is unusual for the Asian Handicaps. But I did have to change bookmakers as not all of them have full coverage of the Asian Handicap markets (Bet365 is generally the most reliable with the widest options).


But it does demonstrate our point, that you DO NOT need to have access to Betfair to follow Football Advisor Lays – although it does help.


Side Note – one advantage of the  bookmakers over the exchanges is that you can consider rolling up a number of the selections into an accumulator which does hold merit when considering the high strike rate of these selections.



Football Advisor Lays – Key Attributes


– Long Running Service

– Exceptional performance so far during 2020/21

– Profitable 7 Out Of The Last 8 Years

– 85% Plus Strike Rate

– BF Bot Manager Users Can Fully Automate The Service

– (2019) GOLD: Best Sports Tipster (Sister Service, FLP, with Smart Betting Club)

– (2019) SILVER: Best Overall Tipster (Sister Service, FLP, with Smart Betting Club)

– (2018) BRONZE: Best Sports Tipster – Honest Betting Reviews


Football Advisor Lays – Performance

Lay The Draw

LTD has had an exceptional start to the season with an 85% success rate and over 65 points profit.

In the last week alone, even with the international break, it has had an excellent run of results

Having 19 winners from the last 22 bets (86.3% Strike Rate)


 – Match Lays

Our Match Lays operate at a much lower volume of bets, but no less impressive than our LTDs.

As you've probably quickly noticed. Our Match lays have had just one losing lay in three months. That is an incredible 95% strike rate.

There may have only been 20 bets thus far, but who's complaining when those lays have generated over 16 points profit.


>>> Check the latest results from Football Advisor Lays here


You may have noted that we have mentioned automating Football Advisor Lays a couple of times now.

If you are a BF Bot Manager user on the Betfair Exchange Bot, then you are able to fully automate the FAL service.

All it requires is a 5 minute setup to connect our platform to your BF Bot Manager and install the strategy files.

After that, we are able to push the days selections into your Bot automatically. Then the strategy files go to work and place the bets.

All you need to do then, is check the profit each day. What could be easier!


Football Advisor Lays – Special Offer

By now, if you've not already dashed off and joined Football Advisor Lays, I'd expect you're probably intending to right after you finish reading this.

Well, you will be glad that you did, indeed, read all the way to the end as we've got a fabulous new member offer for you.

With this URL, you can get started with Football Advisor Lays for the quite unbelievable price of… FREE.

That's right, for a limited time, we're offering all new members a compelling 7 days free trial of the Football Advisor Lays service.

>>> Get Started With Football Advisor Lays Here – And Enjoy Your First 7 Days Free


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