Betting Insights from Football Advisor


“Swearing and gambling is a match made in heaven!” I’m quite proud of that quote. I had to Google it to make sure I’d not nicked it and it would appear that I didn’t! Happy days!  I used to swear all of the time when…

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Football Betting Tips – Wolves vs Man United

Best Bets What is ‘Best Bets’ ‘Best Bets’ is designed to be a really easy and enjoyable service to follow along with just a couple of emails a week and a handful of well researched and supported bets recommended to you each week. If this…

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Emotional Betting Part III – Slipping It In

Take a deep breath and slip it in!  I know what you’re all thinking!? Dirty buggers 😀 More on that innuendo, shortly. Last week, I talked about the many examples of how we react and view our betting. There’s the negative and then there’s the…

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