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Football Stories – Do you support your local team?

“Do you support your local team? Not according to Google…” was originally published on and was republished here with permission. Not according to Google… Deciding which team to support can be a tricky business. Most people have probably forgotten why they chose to put on…

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Is Technology Helping Football?

So Near, Yet so VAR?! Modern football is a peculiar sport. The advent of social media, the need for footy channels to fill time 24/7, and clueless pundits who change their minds as often as a clean person changes their underpants, means we spend more…

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Football Stories – From Despair Comes Hope

“From Despair Comes Hope” was originally published on and was republished here with permission. Japan’s Women’s Football Team Give Hope To A Nation… One of my favourite quotes of all time was said by the late Nelson Mandela. He stated, “Sport has the power…

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Trading Strike Rates and What To Do With Them

Strike rates are often talked about with anything to do with betting. They’re important because they highlight two major things.  First, is how many winners you’re likely to get from a betting/trading system.  Secondly, and probably most importantly, it helps you to work out how…

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